Events In Generalia

I am a fundamentally lazy person. I’m not made for spending hours and hours studying like a mindless drone. I need sleep. I cannot do 48-hour workdays. Hell, I doubt if I can even do an 8-hour workday! That’s why I’m so tired. In the last 3 days, I have slept for a cumulative 7 hours. That’s how much I should sleep in ONE friggin’ day!

Met Fudda yesterday. He seems to be having fun at Manipal. ‘Twas a little incident at Saket regarding vodka, chicken, the bill and a lack of required funds, but ‘twas resolved with the help of an old English saying regarding Friends in need and indeed with some IIT-Delhi thrown in.

And a bit of advice to myself, from myself. The next time you decide to visit someone… LOOK AT A BLOODY MIRROR FIRST!!! I had been taking an afternoon nap before which I was traveling in heavily over-crowded buses with gutka-chewing UP bhaiyas before which I was roaming the length and breadth of my “college”. I woke up after a half-hour rest, saw the time, uttered an abusive exclamation and left. Didn’t even wash my face.

I would like to apologize for my highly regrettable appearance yesterday. In my defense, I shall state that I was genuinely ignorant of what a pathetic piece of <insert insult here> I looked like. Any harm or damage caused was purely coincidental and completely unintentional.

It does explain the strange looks from pedestrians and perhaps a bit of conversational subject matter, though. Wait a second… quite a bit of conversational…


From when have I started caring about my appearance, though? Hmm…

The Batra Being and I had to go through a lot just for him to be able to listen to ‘In Rainbows’. That’s right, DK. That’s why I called you, we wanted your computer and nothing else. And the empowered and informed member of society went on a bibliographic shopping spree. I suggested ‘Alice In Wonderland’ since the poor soul has taken John Cleese’s 3 Laws of Comedy way too seriously.

A very bad post. I know.

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One response to “Events In Generalia

  1. Yea Right!

    Why bother about looks??… all that is to care for is that you SHOULDN’T look bad…. that takes little effort. But looking good is a tough challenge… 😀 And besides, why waste time on such things, when there is so much more to do?

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