Who’da thunk?

Icky thump,
Who’da thunk?

I’m starting to state my references now. And I’m afraid of making jokes. When there are only two, maybe three people who get them… you tire.

Well, didn’t write for five whole days… ASSignments. As usual, I’m the only fool who properly typed out the 23 pages of my Elements of Aerospace Engineering Assignment. Everyone else followed the favorite Indian technique of 1. Go to wikipedia 2. ctrl+c 3. Open MS Word 4. ctrl+v 5. ctrl+p

NSIT’s InnoVision ended on a crappy note. Came 2nd in the Corporate Quiz despite my fucking up two questions! One of the better quizzes I’ve been to, though. Good job, guys.

DK ruled the Group Discussion… he steamrolled the non-existent competition. I, on the other hand, couldn’t qualify for the Visual Extempore despite scoring higher than the guy who did. Fought a bit with the judges, then smelt oil (oil=rig=rigged? Won’t explain it again. EVER.) and decided it wasn’t worth it.

Returned to Noida for nearly free. Would’ve got down at Hauz Khas… but was royally pissed off and am broke. Sorry!

My bankruptcy has manifest itself in a minus infinity cellphone balance. I’m not able to message anyone, including the number that sent me a message that read:

Hey! this is my new number. we are having fresher’s on 16. y don’t you come?

Great! Except that you didn’t leave your name! Anyway, I don’t mind the fresher’s party.. just one question: ‘Tis Free?

In Rainbows out… but can’t get it! 😦

Listening to The White Stripes like crazy. Ashwin thinks Meg is hot. I disagree.


Wanted to write something about the rampant smoking around my college and elsewhere, but who gives a fuck anymore? It’s COOL!! Isn’t it? Guys… it’s just plain stupid! For fuck’s sake! There’s NO benefit. NONE! It’s just- Ah, forget it. Go ahead, screw yourselves. Just stop pestering me, please. The non-smoking boring geek demands solitude from aggressive smoking marketing which goes like this?

Amity “Dude”(pronounced “Dew-ood”): You don’t smoke?

Self: No

AD: You don’t drink?

Self: Only socially, thank you

AD: You don’t do drugs?

Self: Nope. Will try it ONCE for hallucinatory effects. But my brain’s too…necessary to waste it on that.

AD: No parties?

Self: No cash. Hate these Delhi pubs. (sucky crowd, music’s too loud, no space to just relax)

AD: No girlfriend/sex?

Self: Nope. Not “desperate”.

AD: No smokes, no booze, no drugs, no party, no sex. Man, you don’t LIVE!

Someone. Help. Please.


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3 responses to “Who’da thunk?

  1. You have company…

    No issues with those who smoke, except perhaps that I would advise them once in a while to stop. But those who advocate smoking are the one’s who piss me off.

    Same with drinking. No harm until not in excess. Even fine if in excess for only one or two odd days. But not regular… not at all.

    Drugs? That’s plain stupid. High for a few seconds, just to fall back to new lows…

    And boy! What kinda assignment was that? 23 pages is a hell of a lot! Wikipedia sure is a big source, and I would say it would be valid to copy if you state the source. <>

    It is unfortunate that many people don’t understand that a proper researched document needs many sources for completeness, and for correctness. And even more irritating, that “teachers” don’t seem to understand it.

  2. Stop smelling the ‘oil’ – stick to the ‘rat’ – oil is too expensive.
    The quiz was just OK .. getting some of the connects requires a) A Marvin sized head b) A non-existant existence c) A scattered brain

    More than one way to meet the last requirement.

    940 days and counting …

  3. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless

    DK translated…
    a. Paraniod Android.
    b. Fitter Happier.
    c. Scatterbrain.

    “But my brain’s too…necessary to waste it on that.”
    So who’s stealing quotes now, Mr, Alagappa?
    That’s me quote, that is !

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