I have so much to say, but the words aren’t flowing. Same old story.

Finished ‘Hocus Pocus’. Kurt Vonnegut is a certified genius. He’s the kind of writer who you think has taken your brain, scanned it, got your thoughts on to MS Word (or OpenOffice), edited them such that they became artistically beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, got printouts and viola! A Book!

It’s frightening how much I can relate to two writers of sarcastic American fiction. I love reading British authors such as Wodehouse and DNA… but I can relate better to Kurt Vonnegut (a man who was one of only seven people to survive the fire-bombing of Dresden, which killed tens of thousands of people) and Will Cuppy (who became a hermit for sometime and committed suicide).    

NSIT’s Innovison ’07. The quiz was to start at 10 am. I reached the college at 1130, in the middle of the first round. It was a very good quiz, with some brilliant questions. I guess NSIT’s quizzing tradition is being maintained quite admirably. B dot Hasin (who is strangely NOT very Hasin) had to dump me for the only (so far) non-snobbish Stephanian I know and came second. They did miss some sitters, including a question about RPF! Damn traffic! Cost me five hundred bucks minimum!

Left NSIT with DK. Am typing this out in the British Council Library. Haven’t been to college for two days. Can’t bunk anymore from now on. Damn.

I wrote a mini-autobiography last night. Maybe I’ll put it up on my blog. It’s seven to eight pages and am only as far as introducing people like Sohan, Nikhil, Vinyas, Mithra etc. I guess the finished document will be around twelve to fifteen pages long. My nineteen years, summarized into fifteen pages. Amazing! 

And, I have taken to the music of The White Stripes all over again. I have a weird relationship with that band. I listen to them intensely for weeks before abandoning them before going back to them again. I wonder if I do the same with people. Or vice versa.

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  1. And what happened to the Midlands story?

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