I think you ought to know…

I only know that all is lost, and that nothing can help me unless I inherit money, strike oil or go to work. ~ Will Cuppy

I have a terrible pain in my left calf muscle for no readily apparent reason. All it does is hurt and make me walk in a weird limp. (might as well add the hiss-clunk sound effects) And now, my right knee and shoulder also hurt. To make it worse, my sleep habits are getting far more erratic than usual… 3 hours sleep followed by 22 hours awake followed by 6 hours of sleep followed by 12 hours awake followed by 10 hours sleep followed by 18 hours awake…

As if that’s not interesting enough…

I’m begging my roommates to leave me the fuck alone as I do nothing all day except read Terry Pratchett and listen to a weird, eclectic collection of music.

And I still haven’t shaved. A proper beard hath formeth.

I’m skipping college tomorrow and heading off to the British Council to return my books with a Rs. 42 fine. This shall result in a 4-day weekend (tuesday being a dry day).

Call me Marvin, will you?

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