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Gotta watch


I’m REALLY looking forward to watching this movie. I planned on buying a copy of the book (in Old English!). I remember holding the book in my hands at Mildland’s, Hauz Khas and thinking very carefully before deciding… later.

I want to see this movie because:

  • It’s being directed by Robert Zemeckis. (Back To The Future trilogy, Forrest Gump, Castaway)
  • Stars Anthony Hopkins (2nd fav. actor) and Angelina Jolie (*drool)
  • Media going nuts about some supposedly “ground-breaking usage of CGI”.
  • But most importantly… Written by Neil Gaiman (Best Current Sci-Fi Author, in my humble opinion) and Roger Avery (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction!!!)

Releasing Nov. 16 (Please come to India… please? pretty please?)

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 Me? I’m the king of the twentieth century. I’m the bogeyman. The villain. The black sheep of the family.


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A Momentary Lapse In Reason

Why do I like Radiohead so much? I’m going to rant using ONLY Radiohead song lines.

Don’t get any big ideas,they’re not gonna happenNow that you’ve found it, it’s gone…Now that you feel it, you don’t…You’ve gone off the rails…

I’d tell all my friends but they’d never believe me…They’d think that I’d finally lost it completely…I’d show them the stars and the meaning of life…They’d shut me away…But I’d be alright, alright.

When I am king, you will be first against the wall…With your opinion which is of no consequence at all…What’s that…? (I may be paranoid, but no android)…What’s that…? (I may be paranoid, but no android)

The para that plays through my mind most often. You guys seen that look I give? The “I’m confused and disgusted” look? This is what’s playing in my head then:

That’s it, sir…You’re leaving…The crackle of pigskin…The dust and the screaming…The yuppies networking…The panic, the vomit…The panic, the vomit…God loves his children, God loves his children, yeah!

And either way you turn…I’ll be there…Open up your skull…I’ll be there
Climbing up the walls

drag him out the window
dragging out your dead
singing i miss you
snakes and ladders
flip the lid
out pops the cracker
smacks you in the head
knifes you in the neck
kicks you in the teeth
steel toe caps
takes all your credit cards
step up get the gunge
get the eggs
get the flan in the face
the flan in the face
the flan in the face
dance you fucker dance you fucker
don’t you dare
don’t you dare
don’t you flan in the face
take it with the love its given
take it with a pinch of salt
take it to the taxman
let me back let me back
i promise to be good
don’t look in the mirror
at the face you don’t recognize
help me call the doctor
put me inside
put me inside
put me inside
put me inside
put me inside

i keep the wolf from the door
but he calls me up
calls me on the phone
tells me all the ways that he’s gonna mess me up
steal all my children
if i don’t pay the ransom
but i’ll never see him again
if i squeal to the cops

walking like a giant crane and
with my x ray eyes i strip you naked
(Harish: No, I don’t)
in a tight little world and are you on the list?
stepford wives who are we to complain?
investments and dealers investments and dealers
cold wives and mistresses.
cold wives and sunday papers.
city boys in 1st class
don’t know we’re born
just know someone else is gonna come and clean it up
born and raised for the job
oh I wish you’d get up
go over get up go over and turn this tape off.

i keep the wolf from the door
but he calls me up
calls me on the phone
tells me all the ways that hes gonna mess me up
steal all my children
if i don’t pay the ransom
but i’ll never see him again
if i squeal to the cops



It’s coming near…

I’ve finally lost it? Thanks for the talk, Ashwin.

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Oh. And a reply.

Can’t say it pissed me off, but I was confus… screw it, YEAH! It pissed me off! I MUST clear my good name.

Take jokes, people! (OR Maybe I’m missing one?)

Alright. I DO NOT

  1. Mentally strip women naked when I see them. That’s bloody disgusting and I’m not capable of it, despite my imagination.
  2. Talk incessantly about certain anatomical features. Surprisingly, most people around me do. If I do, it acts as the setup/punchline for a joke. That’s it!
  3. I may be honest and frank and may swear openly and say stuff that’s in appropriate, but that’s because I believe that what guys can hear, girls can hear too.
  4. The most inappropriate thing I’ve ever done is offering the organiser of the event I won at LSR lunch with the very prize money I won. I have lived an extraordinarily staid life w.r.t social interaction and I’m sick and tired of people automatically assuming I’m a bloody lecherous pervert.



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Songs that I can relate to

You know your life sucks when you start relating it to song lyrics.

How come I end up where I started
How come I end up where I went wrong
Won’t take my eyes off the ball again
You reel me out then you cut the string

You used to be alright
What happened?
Did the cat get your tongue
Did your string come undone
One by one
One by one
It comes to us all
It’s as soft as your pillow

You used to be alright
What happened?
Etcetera etcetera
Facts for whatever
Fifteen steps
Then a shear drop
  ~ Radiohead (‘In Rainbows’. 2007)

these two sides of my brain
need to have a meeting
can’t think of anything to do
my left brain knows that… (something something)

~ The White Stripes


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Livin’ a lie!


I have eight nine assignments to submit on wednesday and haven’t even started on ONE!


Visited Abhi after some time and played FIFA ’08! 😀 It’s alright, good graphics and nice player likeness, but stick to Pro Evo for gameplay.


Happy Bad Hindi Joke Day? If the semi-Bhojpuri/semi-Haryanvi one Shashank (1st year Eco – Ramjas) told us at Hauz Khas wasn’t bad enough (punchline: “Tohra toh nahi khula, lekin, sassura, hamra toh toot gayo“), I had to hear this one:

Qs. Whose mom has the worst time concieving?

 Ans. Sunny Deol. Why? “Main nikla… O’ Gaddi leke…

Yes. I’m a cruel person. Evil-thy-name-is™

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Night Riders…

Play the addictive (k)night rider theme

Chaosverse. It’s not just the affinity of physics geeks to use abuse the word chaos. It’s bleeding accurate, it is! Like I said guv’nor! Sorry about that. Been in a late victorian vagabond mood for some time now.

It began innocently enough. A little journey into Delhi to save money on petrol (to the uninitiated, petrol is more expensive in Noida than Delhi). Ashwin decided he wanted to drive down the DND Express Flyover (a 18-km express road that looks like an Indy track more than a city street). The problem was, we were in Sarita Vihar. So, we decided to go to Ashram and catch the flyway (as it’s known) from there. We then decided to go to IIT. Then AIIMS. Back up Aurobindo Marg to Hauz Khas (Hey there!). AIIMS again. Prithviraj Road. Aurangzeb Road. Tughlaq Road. Rashtrapathi Bhavan. The Parliament House. India Gate. A round around India Gate. Pragati Maidan. Old Fort. Indraprastha. Akshardham. Mayur Vihar. Noida. Sec-49.

Back home at 2.30 A.M. the gate’s shut and Akhil’s fast asleep. We don’t dare wake the house up. The Radisson Hotel’s 24-hr coffee shop! Is closed because it’s a tuesday (Noida’s sector-18 market is closed on tuesdays.) So is the Mosaic, the only other 24-hr coffee shop in Noida. Back on the DND. Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station and to Comesum, the ONLY 24-hr restuarant in Delhi and the most happening place for homosexuals and prostitution. Stayed there till 6 A.M. and I think a guy (wearing a pink shirt, mascara and a fake blush-inducing powder all over him) was checking me out. Must be into S’n’M.

Left Comesum and drove down the DND (again!) as I enjoyed watching the sun rise over the city of Delhi while we were freezing (Winter hath arriveth). Reached home at 6.30 and hid under blankets.

We drank approximately 4-5 litres of coffee and I didn’t get to ride the bike enough.

Note: Came 2nd in Panache 2007 at DCE. We were in the lead until a buzzer+crossword round on IT and Corporate qs resulted in Double D taking an unassialable lead.  


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