Movie time…

Minor exams. Major disaster. Don’t ask.

I did, however, see two exceptional flicks right now, in celebration of fucking up my third semester. Trainspotting and Children of Men.

Trainspotting was a movie that Dinesh Kapur waxed eloquently about for almost half-a-year before giving me the DVD. I can understand why. The movie, directed by Danny Boyle deals with the subject of drug abuse and the general shyte that youth across the world get themselves into. A brilliantly made movie with amazing acting and graphic sequences of heroin abuse, sex with a minor and Ewan McGregor diving into the “worst toilet in Scotland” to retrieve a couple of hits of heroin. The effect of the movie was immediate. My roommates have sworn to never drink. Ever. Damn. But I guess that Trainspotting is, unlike RFAD, more funny (in  very dark, sarcastic kind of way!) and features themes that aren’t usually explored in drug-addiction movies or youth flicks. A very mature film which keeps it real while still being funny. And, of course, the classic lines!

Children of Men is a movie George Orwell would’ve been proud to make. It’s amazing how a guy who made this also made, of all things, a Harry Potter movie! But I’m now itching to check out Y tu mamá también. The movie is based in a dystopic London in the year 2027 etc. (read the plot on wiki if you want) I don’t know much about camera-work, but I believe that the cinematography of this film is the mind blowing. There are single-shot sequences that strech up to nearly 5 minutes! The usage of sound and hidden visual messages also make this movie one of the rare flicks that appeal to your brain more than to your eye. It was as TBB said, “the movie was a flop. It’s that good.”

Bad reviews, but it’s 2 AM and I’ve just watched two movies. I strongly recommend both.


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2 responses to “Movie time…

  1. Danny Boyle is a genius. The combination of his direction and Irvine Welsh’s writing made Trainspotting one of my favourite ever films 🙂

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