The “problems” of my *eugh!* generation…

To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem.  ~ The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

One tends to agree.

The latest trend appears to be… depression and suicide. Hmm… I thought that went out along with grunge, but I guess my knowledge of social trends was never very strong in the first place.

I say this because wherever I look; people are depressed, acting like cynics, talking about suicide and the purpose of life and everything else. I somehow can’t tolerate 90% of all this because I know that there are NO problems. There are only attention-seeking stunts to gain sympathy. There are idiots who think wanting to kill themselves is cool and suicide is the best option out. I can’t draw conclusions on such glib facts, but I guess these people are in the same boat as those who smoke/drink/do drugs because it’s also perceived as being cool/kewl/in/hip/<insert social term here>.

My advice to everyone is simple. I’m no expert, infact, I probably go through bouts of depression on a more regular basis than anyone else, but I guess that even then I’m not trying to be a victim. Where was I? Ah, advice.

Before getting depressed about his girl, my roommate came up with a gem.

Here we are. In college. We don’t have enough work to keep us occupied all the time. And whatever work we do get, we never do. We have no money to waste on a social life and no hobbies to pass the time. Thus, we get bored. And when bored, we take each and every minute little problem and blow it out of proportion, just so that we have something to occupy us for the next week or so.

This, before he got depressed about how a girl is treating him.

So, boys and girls… Listen to what these gentlemen have to say.

Good night. And don’t worry, I may not sympathize… but I do pity you. Just, not in the way you want.

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