A Series of %@*)!)^((^ Events…

In what was one of the most eventful weekends of the pitiful waste of energy and increase of entropy that I like to call my life, there were quite a few completely mundane (to any “normal” person, whatever they are) and highly interesting (to me, can you loosen the straitjacket a little, please?) events. This has resulted in a conundrum of sorts, for that body of white and gray matter located within my cranium (what is called, again?) is unsure whether I must waste precious broadband space in many posts on each topic or one all-encompassing post on everything.


Decided to not attend college, out of a whim. My attendance in all subjects (except Thermodynamics feat. Bano-ki-Moon) is well above the regulatory minimum of 75%, so no risks involved.

Professor CNR Rao was in town, giving a lecture on science education in the current scenario. What was enjoyable was the fact that I could sit a few feet away from the Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister of India and amongst some pretty distinguished people in the fields of science and journalism without any hassles, with a question thrown in as well. This line ought to compare with some things that will occur later. Prof. Rao spoke of how science in India is being neglected to a shameful extent with everyone chasing “that stupid degree”. He elucidated (with proper statistics, mind you) how India’s scientific output has reduced considerably in the last half-century and how we countries that had only one-hundredth the number of science graduates as we did in 1947 now produce nearly five times as many research papers in almost all disciplines of science. For example, he stated that our global contribution in his field, material chemistry, has reduced from 12% to 3.8% in the span of forty years. He was also critical of how IIT’s, the IISc and TIFR have not come close to their original purpose of providing quality science education, but have merely turned into slave-labor camps for MNCs. My, “why does our education system have a vendetta against original thinking?” received an appreciative look and it was nice to see that despite the whole, “Don’t become a cynic, earn loads of money and you’ll be happy, don’t think for yourself” lectures I have to face elsewhere, one of India’s most respected scientists is a cynic, is happy and active at the age of 75 and advocates original thinking. (Even those who think that they think… check. It is really easy to kid yourself. You cannot just think… you have to Dare to Think)

The lecture was followed by my first visit to the place I was to waste my time over the next three days: Rendezvous ’07 @ IIT-Delhi.

There were quite a few firsts this weekend. This one was my first ever Group Dance Competition. Don’t ask what I was doing there or why I was there… let it suffice that I had no choice (no offence meant). It was… interesting? Screw it; I can’t describe stuff like that. Not my thing.

Walking exercise: IIT-Delhi to Dilli Haat (i.e. AIIMS Flyover) and back. Returned and thought that Akhil was asleep and my entry is now barred, so spent the night at Ashwin’s (a.k.a. BITCH) friend, Arjun’s place.


Happy Disaster Day, everyone!

The Clash of the Titans! (Debate). Something must be done about this, pronto! I know! A letter that’ll never reach!

Dear Sir,

This is in regards to the Clash of the Titans, round 1 elimination process.

If you want to eliminate people based on a first round extempore… kindly refrain from distributing such unevenly skewed topics. Next time around, there will be damage and pain (in and out of the glaivin, sir… In AND out…)



It’s not a loser’s rant. It’s a sore loser’s rant… But imagine being asked to speak for four minutes on “Pedophiles should be electronically tagged” with a couple of minute’s preparation (I refuse to believe that I got four minutes! I didn’t, goddamit!) Therefore, in I went, with just one point… “Pedophiles should be electronically tagged”… Err… yes, they should? Complete and utter Dresden of my debating hopes. Plus only two to qualify from my pool. Didn’t stand an elk’s chance in a superno… fuck you!

Thanks to the above scatological experiment, I missed Sphinx, the quiz. The qualifiers were easy, the finals were pretty alright. B dot Hasin answered a killer question on Indian comics that earned him a standing ovation. Nothing much more.

Again, for ineffable reasons, I cannot say what or why… but I was at the Fashion Show! Again, a first! There are fewer sheer displays of the kind of shallow, mind-numbing animalistic weirdness. The theme was psychedelic… and the music was Limp Bizkit, RATM and “Shiny Disco Balls”. Need I say more?

Note: Try keeping ‘A Punchup at a Wedding’ ~ Radiohead as a song whilst walking down the ramp.


Zoom-In (another quiz): In a repeat of the Spectrum (DCE) debacle, we topped the prelims (glorification alert: I cracked a good one about Herge drawing himself into frames of Tintin comics). The first half went well, in the lead and a super-connect of Monty Python which B dot didn’t allow me answer earlier. Then… shock, paralysis and we stay stuck at 10 points whilst 4 others move to 17, 15, 12 and 11. 1st to 5th in the span of 4 rounds? WHAT. THE. FUCK.

After this, I was in no mood to JAM and could not afford to depress myself further by messing up my 100% record in JAMs.

Went to visit and return a rock show pass to a random person as I was in no mood to do anything. Returned to Noida, read some Calvin and Hobbes and stared at the V for Vendetta folder… why don’t I have the software to read it!!!!


Temporarily recovered from my depression in time for one of the most eventful and pocket-blasting days in history!

Started with Kombat, the open quiz. Arul Mani, the KQA’s favorite son and my school friend and senior, Ajay Aravind’s role model was the quizmaster. The who’s who of Delhi quizzing had assembled themselves. The quiz of a standard I had never seen before in Delhi. We were tied with the IIT-D team on 13 in the qualifier… guess how much the qualifying cut-off was? In hindsight, one can say that we have to replace our stock random answer of “Canada” with “Che Guevara”. The finals were good too. And the lesson for today, kids… never mess with my wild-ass guesses! Talked to dk regarding something I had never talked to anyone previously. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. I guess that despite being wildly different people in every imaginable aspect (geography, appearance, popularity levels etc.); I can somehow connect with the same feeling of underachieving guilt and sheer frustration.

Returned to Noida. Went to rpm to watch Man U v Chelsea. The Bitch was overjoyed when he received permission to drink Breezers, at least. Akhil and I stuck to the same for financial reasons. And yes… WE WON! With or without Jose, Chelsea bashing comes next after Arsenal-bashing. The first goal was well done, but didn’t like the taste of their own medicine second goal. Went from there to Bikanervala at sec.37 for dinner.

On the way back, Ashwin and I got one of the strangest ideas imaginable. We decided to drive down to Pari Chowk in Greater Noida, 26 kms away. Tried the Dadri route first. Actually entered Greater Noida before the cops sent us back due to some blockade. I have never seen Greater Noida and wasn’t going to let an opportunity pass me by. We decided to take the expressway instead! So there we were… half-past-midnight, I’m without a helmet on Ashwin’s TVS Apache with a half-tank of petrol on the 23-km long Greater Noida Expressway. Towards the end of the journey, there were fears of an empty tank. Just as we were contemplating calling someone I know who stays at Greater Noida to spend the night there… a Bharat Petroleum station shows up! Ashwin’s refuels and we make it to Pari Chowk! Didn’t spend too much time there, Ashwin (like most other people, actually) was too scared of the cops. Somehow, I’m not. Came back to sec.49 at one-thirty A.M. Akhil was pissed off, but you can’t blame us, it was spontaneous and he would’ve vetoed it had he been there!

Those were the events that transpired this weekend in a highly summarized format.


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3 responses to “A Series of %@*)!)^((^ Events…

  1. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless


    Anything I say will only detract from this, BUT…

    1. How come I don’t get to know about lectures by CNR Rao etc? Am I so petulant ?
    2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_Book_Archive_file
    3. DK has a saner head than you and I. You and I put together even.
    4. Have you been messing with the Karma Police ?
    5. This too, shall pass. But the scarring will remain.

    Have a (Nice Day).

  2. Yeah! I heard you wouldn’t have fun. Sorry dude. I agree that the events which you attended were just not up to the mark. But still, hope it didn’t spoil the fun.

    God! You did participate a lot! And I didn’t even know…

    I’ve been busy, and have often thought of reading up your blog, just no time.

    But I finally managed to read your blog today, and I think I found out a lot more about you. More vocal in your blog, I guess. 😀
    And also this… People like you should be the one’s who come to IIT! Atleast that is what I feel, after reading your blog.
    Your interest in science amazes me man! Just keep it like that… it’s better in the long run.

    P.S. I hate Quantum Mechanics – Coz nobody ever explained it properly enough. Care for explaining it to me?? 😀

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