To the quiet…

Welcome to democracy, ladies and gentlemen. One of the fundamental tenets of democracy is freedom of speech. The internet is perhaps the 2nd largest democracy in the world, after India. Yes, after India. You have no idea how huge this country’s population is.

There are nearly 7,000 hits on this here blog and a disproportionately low number of comments. You know what that means… I don’t have to spell out for you, do I?

People read and leave. People… read… the damned post… and browse away… without even having the courtesy of leaving a single, bloody comment!

I know you’re out there! Please, have a heart! Give me some meagre amount of satisfaction and leave a comment. Say what you think about the post, the blog, the author etc. You can do it!

In anticipation…

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One response to “To the quiet…

  1. Yea, that does bother. But sometimes, it so happens that a casual reader leaves a comment. Someone you dont know, appreciating what you have written? I think anyone will take it any day. 😀

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