A Nike Advert…

You know the slogan. It’s true.

Even if it involves late-night, trans-state travel in forms of hired transport that fleece you. Even if it involves spending what are relative to oneself, lavish amounts of money every step of the way. Even if it involves the supreme possibilty of self-humiliation. Even if it involves the risk of your words, gestures, actions and thoughts being thoroughly misconstructed and taken in a completely negative context. Even if all you get in the end is twenty minutes.

Nike’s slogan is right.

P.S: I have observed a lack in any science in my past few posts, but will be back with one on Quantum Entanglement and Vacuum Bombs soon enough, thanks.


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2 responses to “A Nike Advert…

  1. Do you have any idea how random your posts COULD sound?!

  2. They COULD… Yes, they COULD.

    Nobody reads this stuff anyway, but I’m a sucker for being *cough* “subtle” *cough*

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