Marvin, my brother!

It’s five in the morning on September the thirteenth, two thousand and seven AD. The last time I slept was at four in the afternoon, during a Technical Communication class. That was for half-an-hour (was awake for second half). Before that, between four thirty and eight on the morning of September the twelfth . Before that, I woke up at nine thirty on September the eleventh. That amounts to four hours of sleep in the last forty-three and a half hours…

What the hell?

I was supposed to be awake studying Numerical Methods and Aerospace Engineering, instead I saw boymongoose’s rendition of 12 Days of Christmas for the gazillionth time, am listening to Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Thom Yorke and Liquid Tension Experiment, among others!
Can I sleep now? Probably not. Will pass out in class today, for sure.

Also, I’m scared. I am happy, and now scared.

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