Et Tu, Harish?

The following conversation is but a drop of the ocean. My “mind” is a dangerous place…

Harish: Crap. I’m confused. What the hell?

Alagappa: What do you speak of, boy?

Harish: You know what…

Alagappa: Nein! Answer me…

Harish: It’s the problem…

Alagappa: (Nein!)^2!!! Not that?

Harish: I’m sorry, it is that… That, which we had swore to stop. To ensure it’s very existence is kept away from us. It is too late.

Alagappa: Et Tu, Harish?

Harish: I apologize, old friend. I did not wish this to happen.

Alagappa: What shalst thou do? ‘Tis a problem all men (and women. especially women) face. And whenst they did so, you mocked them. Oh! Fates! Is this thy vengeance?

Harish: Probably so, yeah.

Fates (pointing): Ha! Ha!

Harish: Damn. How could I? All is lost.

Alagappa: Nein! All is not lost, for I still exist! You can overcome, forsooth and verily! YOU SHALL OVERCOME!!!

Harish: Do you think its possible? I have seen people unable to overcome. Goddamit! Today itself I spoke to a guy who scared the bejesus out of me with his experience. Minus the detail!

Alagappa: I ponder… ’tis true, what thy hast said. But don’t thy knowest others who hath overcometh very soon?

Harish: Yeah, yeah. EA-1/25… but he merely flits from one to the other like the chamoix of the alps.

Alagappa: In view of your present condition, I shalst overlook thy blasphemy of the Gods. But you ’tis again true, what thy speaketh. Thou art no son-of-arjuna-named-friend and thou wish’st to be rid of it for good.

Harish: But what if…

Alagappa: Nein! Fool! Do you not realize that what thy speaks of is the most untrue of untrues…

Harish: Is it really that impossible?

Alagappa: Look inside thyself. Think. Remember all that you have seen and learnt. Fall not for the lies that surround it and understand the truth. You resigned yourself to it a long time ago.  Be strong and deal with it.

Harish: What happened to the Shakespearean language…

Alagappa: Yes… well… forsooth!… er… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT BEHIND YOU????!!!! *scampers away*

Harish: Great just what I needed.

Reader: What the fuck are you talking about and why are you putting intimate thought processes on the interweb?

Harish: Yes… well… forsooth!… er… WHAT THE HELL IS

Reader: Get a life, weirdo.

*awkward silence*

p.s.: Came second in a debate at Miranda House. Rs.1000 voucher at Nike. My first original, branded, authentic jersey? 


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3 responses to “Et Tu, Harish?

  1. Yaay Yaay!! So “Mirindä House” worked eh!

    And…Harish and Alagappa….debated that? 😛 😀

  2. I think things are clearly befuddled. And confusingly evident.

  3. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless

    Will you eff the ineffable ?

    And, ha ha… you got *only* two voices in your head… nyaner-nyaner !

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