Midnight musings

Spent the midnight hour reading philosophy while listening to rock and I now write this whilst listening to Enrico Pace playing Franz Liszt’s Totentanz.

Yes, I agree that I’m completely enamored by Franz Liszt. I always was his fan ever since I did that search on who composed the song that Tom played in ‘The Cat Concerto‘. But of late, Liszt’s music is just taking over my life. It’s currently in a spot that’s enjoyed by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Radiohead and Jethro Tull; the music keeps playing in my head all the time.

Read about the various schools of philosophy, right from the one I’m most aware of and believe I’m a part of (thanks mostly to my High School English teacher at Bangalore), i.e. Stoicism. The past year at my “college” has tested my belief to quite some extent, coming into contact with a lot of nice and intelligent, but clearly… (in a word that hopefully gets the point across without insulting)… normal people. Categorizing people seems like the next logical step, perhaps… but I need to learn more; so the only labels I’ll put on anyone is that of Pragmatist on Akhil.

As for me… well I learnt that my Stoic qualities are under threat but hopefully still intact. As for my Rationalist and Anarchist views, they still remain essentially the same. Also that music has a greater potential of enriching the whole experience of reading than what we attribute to it. Exempli gratia, whilst reading about Anarchism I heard Trapt… Incubus during Relativism… Dire Straits during Virtue Ethics… Rammstein during Ordinary Language Philosophy etc. They seemed to be oddly appropriate background music for their respective topics.

This is actually a very poorly written blog entry and I apologize for that. It’s past one in the morning after a particularly hectic week with a hectic day ahead that includes getting a bank account opened and going book-shopping in Hauz Khas with The Batra Being (wishlist: ‘Slaughter-house Five’ and other Vonnegut books, Plato’s ‘Republic‘, a good Loop Quantum Gravity text) . Well, goodnight folks!


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2 responses to “Midnight musings

  1. Wonko the Sane, or "Guess Who Kiddies", or, Oneiros, or, Dream of the endless

    TBB won’t catch on, you’ve got as much in common with stoicism as a whelk’s chances in a supernova, and your point about music is now (nearly) a cliche at least for me (even with my ebarassingly limited knowledge of both books and music).

    Have a (Nice Day).

  2. TB catches on quite easily, so the extra B should help.

    As for Stoicism…

    You know nothing of future past times.

    Nice paranthas, by the way.

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