The Right Write

The problem is simple, or rather, complex. The crux is: I can write. I can write pretty well all right. I can write much fucking better than Chetan Bhagat and other Indian dumbass authors earning $200,000 a month for critically massacred pieces of chick-lit, guy-lit, gay-lit- geek-lit, metero-lit and basically all other forms of low-intellect writing. I have the resources to write a book, as in: 

  1. Paper+Pad+Laptop
  2. Agent-like roommate who’ll ensure I finish it.
  3. Motivation: Creative expression and financial renumeration.

 So far, so good. But, ladies and gentlemen… what do I write about? There are two broad categories of writing, i.e. Fiction and Non-Fiction. I shall roughly outline the positives and negatives of both:                                                              Fiction 

Why I CAN write fiction Why I CANNOT write fiction
  1. Easier to get it published, as you don’t really need credentials to write fiction.
  2. More sales, on average.
  3. Can get away with a lot of stuff, like a 150-page thin collection of short stories.
  1. Most competitive market. There’ll be another 300 new authors in the same publishing house.
  2. I’m not really good with fiction (or so I think)
  3. I lack a distinctive style of my own (might end up becoming another Kaavya V.)
  4. Will screw up any hope of being taken as a serious Physicist in later career.
  5. My science-fiction is bullcrap, and that’s my favorite genre!
  6. No ideas of my own that can be stretched beyond 5-6 pages max.



Why I CAN write Non-Fiction Why I CANNOT write Non-Fiction
  1. More comfortable writing non-fiction.
  2. More credibility.
  3. Will earn respect, not fame. (:D)
  4. Will boost, rather than hamper career.
  1. Need a shitload of credentials in order to get it published.
  2. Fewer sales
  3. Will have to write 300-pages of stuff, filled with personal experiences and tours around the world.
  4. Cannot possibly write it in next 6 years, will eventually write ONLY this… but not now.
  5. Lack sufficient expertise to write about any single subject.



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4 responses to “The Right Write

  1. kashifalvi

    dude understanding y your not earning is simple too….you ain’t that good, if you were you would be earing too 😛 isn’t.
    don’t think i m trying to set your confidence back, learn and then try and try again and again till you succssed and then let your work speak for you.

  2. If you can come with a post like this, you ought to be creative somewhere!! Fuck all!!!


  3. @Kashifalvi
    understanding you is not simple too…
    Thanks for advice?


  4. swati.......

    looks like intelligent people visit your blog, i agree, just write!!

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