Bloc again

Have been unable to write or think of anything for a long time.

Attempt # 4 at writing that book might start again!

College is on. Amity is… strange! It’s a good college at heart, but is stuck with some pretty dumb-ass students and terrible management.

Have moved in with Akhil and Ashwin at sector-49, Noida. Our landlord is a BITS-Pilani Gold Medalist, the family’s son-in-law is working at the Infinite Loop, but their son apparently made a mistake and joined a certain school which leaves you materialistic and with ambitions of being a supermodel as opposed to other schools that leave you cynical, disillusioned and with ambitions of not being poor.

Yeah, well… probably won’t be able to write for sometime. Blame the room-mates.

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One response to “Bloc again

  1. dr. lee

    Here’s some notes I took down whilst at work, in no paricular order, and without putting them into context:

    “Guy waits to use the ATM.
    The line is long. People are becoming impatient.
    One of the people in the line turns into the ATM Hero.
    His theme song include the words: “You entertain us while we wait”
    The story ends with people applauding the actions of the ATM Hero.”

    “Ricky spacing out at work. You’ve got ‘Taxi Driver’ camera movement. It leaves him briefly, looks down the corridore near his desk, then returns. Images are black and white”.

    The wind is howling outside my window. It’s cold, and I’ve finished all the soup.

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