Booooring… maybe not?

That line describes my current existence in a nutshell.

I should’ve spent more time in Bangalore, I really should’ve.

Lucknow… it has exactly 3 landmarks and I saw all of them.

In a day.

In the span of half-an-hour.

landmark #1: La Martiniere College (it’s a school, actually. In early years, schools were called “college” and colleges were university. The Americans fucked up this terminology as they’ve done with everything else). Dad was transported into some other era on seeing this place again. He says it hasn’t changed in the thirty years since he last saw it. I think it hasn’t changed in the last hundred and sixty seven years since it was founded.

landmark#2: Imam Bara. Didn’t see it in detail because of the weather and stuff. Looks nice, your typical Muslim/Awadh architecture. UP is filled with places like this. 400-years old with 400-second old betel nut and urine stains all over it.

landmark#3: The controversial Ambedkar memorial. As I’ve maybe said before, politicians have as much a sense of what they’re doing as Zaphod did in the Secondary Phase. It’s a huge sprawling complex. A memorial to a freedom fighter? No! It’s to Ambedkar, the Dalit leader! Churchill was right, I guess. It’s also eating up a popular sports complex (that’s been named after him, but that won’t do will it?)

To anyone who doesn’t understand the last part… don’t bother. Scatology lessons will be more useful.

Oh, wait! WAIT! There’s some exciting news after all!

According to the Times of India, Lucknow:

“One of the proposed sites for the F-1 track in India is the Greater Noida Expressway (also known as the Taj Expressway), along with Manesar and Tughlaqabad”

That’s nice! The straight, the grandstand finish, on the road in front of my “college”! Maybe I’ll be able to make a quick buck as a something? (no, not a groupie)

Seriously, I find the first premise, i.e. India will host an F-1 Grand Prix by 2009 a bit too much. F-1 races are heavy on investment and in order to reap appropriate rewards, ticket prices will be so high that any self-respecting Indian who argues with an auto driver over the fare will decide, “Screw you guys, I’m watching this from home!”

Kalmadi’s making another blunder here. I just hope that this plus the 2010 Commonwealth Games (also in Delhi) plus the 2011 Cricket World Cup don’t end up becoming white elephants for the taxpayer.

Till then… off to sleep!

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One response to “Booooring… maybe not?

  1. Oh trust me,..nothing beats Chandigarh in terms of boredom! And places to visit!

    Forget 2009, it’s going to be aeons before an F-1 track comes to INdia!

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