It is with extreme regret that I inform you, ladies, gentlemen and the freaks, that my long hair is no more. After a year of trying and never combing, the barberian announced that unless shortened immediately, my receeding hairline shall do so indefiniely. Thus, I had to perform this act of epidermic euthanasia and end up looking like a dark-skinned feminist warrior lesbian (must grow beard, must grow beard!)

Once again, my apologies.


Filed under Life, Rants, V for Violence, Why Life Sucks

5 responses to “Obituary

  1. dr. lee

    Damn. At least you can still drink coffee.

  2. swati

    u ass…. did u forget to wish akhil, 9th of july, BIRTHDAY!!
    he was all upset yesterday, only me and someone else wished him, wish him asap.

    dont accept the comment,

    btw i am quite happy to hear abt ur hair,

  3. Yes. Coffee is important. Most important of all. It can make you believe that everything’s okay when it’s not. So it’s important.

  4. akhil

    u really are an ass…..
    so, i am the only one with long hair now.
    is your phone working???
    if yes give me a call…..

  5. RIP the long hair. But at least your hairline will remain in the correct place, so it’s all good.

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