Tennovich and illness

Wimbledon is a warning. The Soviets (I know, you split up, but I can’t keep track of ALL the bloody fragments now can I?) are taking over the game that was formerly known as tennis. From now on the men’s game shall be referred to as Tennovich and the women’s game as Tennova.

And I have a slight fever. Slept till 1300 hrs today.


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6 responses to “Tennovich and illness

  1. Ah ha ha!! That was some thought!! Even though I watch
    Tennis all day…I wouldn’t have come up with that!!
    Ha ha! 😀

  2. swati

    kindly explain to me the following:

    swati srinivasan’s blog: “stuck somewhere between chickli and intellectualism”

  3. swati

    i meant chick-lit

  4. Well, it is! No offence intended.

  5. Dear THF

    Ever seen what the dropdown says for YOUR blaugh on OTHER blaughs?

    You may be surprised.


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