What’s so unpleasant about…

I’ll tell you.

Went to a pub called ‘The Downtown’ just off Brigade road, that’s owned by the family of one of my classmates.

Had a couple of beers and some bacardi.

And now I feel terrible.

So here I am, spending the money that’s supposed to last me a week in a matter of hours on drinking binges, buying U2 tapes for my train journey and in a Cafe Coffee Day on brigade road paying seventy bucks for an expresso and an hour surfing!

I’m through with alcohol. For good. Short affair that lasted 3 months. Thankfully.

My head hurts


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8 responses to “What’s so unpleasant about…

  1. Repeat after Homer Jay…

    “Hmmm… Beer…. alghghlgllghlg”

  2. Your cellphone isn’t working ?

  3. Validity expired. Communique via electronic means. I check mail twice daily.

  4. I need to TALK. as opposed to chat.

    find Gtalk or a phone and tell me the number.

  5. akhil

    hey!!!dude so you too are drinking.
    well, all i can say is,GO OOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN………..

  6. oscar wilde

    for heaven’s sake..and im supposed to be the one who gets tipsty

  7. oscar wilde

    and i’m supposed to be the one who gets tipsy

  8. Oscar Wilde is… how do you say… tipsy.

    And not exactly straight… you might even say he’s… bent.

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