I am so smart! I am so smart! S M R T!

Happy Ego Kick Day! More worthless ego-boosting courtesy Mensa…

I am very happy to inform you that six out of the seven who qualified scored in the 99+ percentile. You were one of these six.



Kishore Asthana




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11 responses to “I am so smart! I am so smart! S M R T!

  1. So the seventh guy gets a right kick in the gut for being stupid.

    Well done by the way.

  2. I was thinking of the same thing!

    Thanks for compliment, Mensan naat.

  3. Thanks for compliment, Mensan naat.

    There’s a fine line between punny pwnage and insanity. You just crossed it. Big time.

    Also, your time zone is wrong.

    Scene: the Earth was destroyed, it’s 1978
    HHGG/Narrator: However, the only person by whom this is said is Beeblebrox himself. And there are several possible theories to explain this.

    Arthur: Ford?

    Ford: Yeah?

    Arthur: He’s totally mad isn’t he?

    Ford: Well, the border between madness and genius is very narrow.

    Arthur: So is the Berlin wall.

    Ford: The Berlin–?

    Arthur: Oh The Berlin Wall… the border between East and West Germany—It’s very narrow. I mean the point I’m making—
    Ford: Was very narrow. Get your tenses right.

    Arthur: Thank you ….

    Ford: Anything wrong?

    Arthur: On Earth we have a word—

    Ford: Had a word.

    Arthur: Had a word called “tact”

    Ford: Oh yeah?

    Arthur: Yes.

    Ford: And what happened to it?

    Arthur: Well apparently it’s not in common usage…

    Arthur: …except on earth.

    Ford: No, no, no. Not the word.

    Ford: The Earth.

  4. ENOUGH! I was listening to this episode today evening! Looks like ve are very vell adjusted in our personalities today!

  5. “Insanity is a gradual process. Don’t rush it.”

  6. Your time zone is still wrong.

  7. Really?

    I did send that early in the morning. Whether it was so early that it was late, I’m not sure

  8. Your. blog. is. 2. hours. off. the. mark.

  9. oh no it isn’t. You fixed it?

    well done!

  10. Your sarcasm fills no chasm of knowledge here.

    Light bulbs dipped in napalm… that’s tasty.

  11. “All wrapped and sugar coated, turns to stone.”

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