Die Hard 4.0, Sunday Jam and shtuff…


Sunday Jam (No Bread) yesterday. And the no bread is NOT a PJ from my side, it’s the full title of the thing. It’s sort of a open house for any band in any genre to show their stuff to an audience made up predominantly of metal-heads. I had gone there only to check out Vickram’s band, Turbulence. However, on entry, I was surprised to find the other members of the Bethany High Rock Syndicate present. Riti Bora is apparently the vocalist of a Blues-Rock outfit named “Zap”, which she originally pronounced “Zep” at which point I was ready to attack. I’d never thought of her as much of a singer and was far more pessimistic than normal. Vickram, however, was a damn good bassist right from when I first met him (when I was around twelve) and I had no worries about his band’s performance. Also present was Sahadev, the guy who was such a Maiden fan that he even ended up scoring 66.6% in exams just to prove a point. Mir Owais (a.k.a. “Patha”) had returned from Saudi and it was quite a weird and oddly appropriate place for us to meet up.

The show:

Missed the first few acts. There was very little originality, though. Every band was in the shadow of some famous act. RATM, Metallica, Maiden, Bodom, Megadeth and even Coldplay wannabes did their thing before a Death Metal act called ‘Inner Sanctum’ really rocked the place, with school-level metal-heads doing a whole mosh-pit act. One weirdo even jumped up on stage and hugged the lead singer! Morons…

Riti’s act was probably the only one featuring a girl and the crowd reacted as you would expect a bunch of hormonally challenged metal freaks to. She was O.K., but the guitarist really saved their act. I’ll admit, it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.

Vickram’s band was amazing, with excellent stage presence, good guitar work and mind blowing drumming. The lead singer left a lot to be desired, though.

A German group did some bluesy stuff while a band called ‘Edeke Chee Chee’ or something like that was the most experimental, doing an acoustic version of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ with Indian tabla influences.

So much for that. Returned to Prashanti didi’s place at Ten. The concert must’ve continued till midnight, I guess.

Die Hard 4.0:

Brilliant flick! Bruce Willis said that it’s better than the first. I don’t think so, but it was definitely better than the second and third. The whole plot-line that covered cyber terrorism was quite believable to me, but then again, this is not my field. The hacker, played by Justin Long, seemed to resemble a certain Thomas a Anderson a bit too much, but that’s excusable I guess. Worth a watch, totally.


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3 responses to “Die Hard 4.0, Sunday Jam and shtuff…

  1. D. Peace

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about DIE HARD 4. Surprisingly, the critics even liked it, and they’re usually pretty hard on summer acton movies.

    Yeah, I’ll definitely check it out.

  2. willywei818

    i saw it, but i donot like it.

    Edit: Removed link. Any more nonsense like that and to the SPAM bin you go.

  3. PATHA


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