And now for something completely different

I hate my lack of an external hard drive. But I still managed to get the entire collection of Led Zeppelin, some Coldplay, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and the Alan Parson’s Project from Sohan. But no Blackadder or games or graphic novels. Damn!

Going to the sunday jam today evening where ‘Turbulence’ is going to perform. My friend Vickram plays bass for them, so I think they’ll be pretty good. Die Hard 4.0 tomorrow. The Die Hard movies are as guy-flick as they come. Buildings blow up, random gun battles, swears and cheap one-liners, brilliant! Who can forget “Yippe-kay-yay, mother f-!”

And yes, I’m terrible at photography. My first batch of Bangalore pics has proved that.

And finally, Sachin Tendulkar is returning to the style which we all know and love. After the bloody world cup!


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6 responses to “And now for something completely different

  1. swati

    where are the pics i was SUPPOSED to get??

  2. @ Nimish:

    Sorry. Tried sending them but encountered difficulties, will give them to you @ college.

  3. harish, I don’t think I should butt in, but still. Tried Flickr or Photobucket ?

    Upload photos, they get resized and optimised for internet viewing, [and they impose that limit on free accounts for picture size], and share by exchanging a simple url. Nice no?

    Flickr works on your yahoo account, and has privacy controls.

  4. That comment in moderation… you don’t need to publish it, just read it once.

  5. Thanks for ‘ze advice.
    Tried Flickr. Didn’t work.
    Will try photobucket.

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