I’m in.

Cleared the entrance test for Mensa International.

However, your test results have reached my office in
Gurgaon. I am informed that you have qualified for
Mensa with a score of 98 percentile.

The following are the people who qualified in the
first test:

Rohit Agarwal
Jeslin Jacob
Rahul Jain
Harish Alagappa
Deepti Agarwal
Abhishek Agarwal
Nidhi Dani

I will have more details when I return to Delhi on the
16th. July.

I am happy.


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9 responses to “I’m in.

  1. So, we don’t get a blog post abuot it being an exclusivist club of smug people who don’t actually put their phenomenal minds to any use, like solving word hunger, maybe because of their fear of failure, maybe because they thumb their collective noses at the world going, “nyana-nana-nana” at every opportunity, or maybe by removing the best people from the world’s available pool, they want to create a social imbalance, causing, one day a revolution, and stepping into the void left by the chaos that ensues, thus filling a vacuum of power and turning the world into a unified grand meritocracy where utopia can be realised, only it’s the guys at the top who lead the organisation who get their version of utopia realised (which means no free chocolate ice-cream (which, in turn has a corollary: no ban on meat flavoured ice cream)); thus causing a new power imbalance and causing an even bigger revolution when the middle rung mensans usurp power and try to make it work, but since they’re not as smart as the top level mensans it falls apart; wow this is a long sentence, and I see I broke a grammar rule or two here, maybe misspelt something, I hope this doesn’t jeopardise my chances of appearing smarter than I am otherwise I won’t be able to get into that club of geniouses we were talking about earlier which has a made up name, and I think I should drink the milk now.


  2. To be honest Nimish, there are only two reasons why I’ve joined Mensa:

    1. Looks good on resume
    2. Asimov
    3. Lisa Simpson

    Three. There are only three reasons why I’ve joined Mensa.

    And I know that I’m still a moron. No issues. I’m just a moron with a high IQ.

  3. Ed

    Congratulations Harish – welcome to Mensa. Unfortunately there are a lot of people with views like Nimish’s, however tongue-in-cheek they might have been. I don’t hide my membership but don’t go around advertising it either (except for a couple of car window stickers, or the occasional t-shirt with Mensa emblem on which most people wouldn’t recognise anyway). My membership cropped up in conversation once and someone who had known me for quite a time was surprised – they thought Mensa members just sat around doing puzzles, and was surprised I’d met Mensa members at diverse events as far afield as USA, Norway, Denmark and Bulgaria (I’m based in the UK). Love your reasons for joining though…

  4. Ed.

    You missed a joke. And you believe that you’ve found my value system out.

    “Ah ha! There! So that’s how them macacas think !”

    Nope. Sorry. Try again. Insert coin to continue.

    I like to think that human beings are a tiny bit more complicated than that. But hey, what do I know? I didn’t even try to get into mensa!
    PS: Ed, just in case you’re confused, I wasn’t being serious. [It’s down to 3 things. You can’t get the tone of voice out in a text comment, and that there’s this cultural gap which muddies up language use.]

    You can’t stand a little ribbing?

    And you missed the point too.

    PS: You rememeber the SMS I sent? Did you try to do that? Do that.

  5. @Ed
    Thanks a lot. And yeah, Nimish and I have this one-down-manship thing going on. He’d probably get into Mensa in a snap if he were give the test, which he won’t because I’ve said this and he HAS to prove me wrong… then again he might prove me wrong and give the test and purposely not clear it… Yup. He’s right. WE are complex, and none more than people whose name end with -ish. (Please tell me that you got this!)

    @ Nimish
    of course I understood. Now understand this: All I wanted was to announce my entry into Mensa. I just replied to Nimish’s joke. I expected some ribbing (it’s never good-natured, we ARE Delhi-itises after all), not the Spanish Inquisition!

    Macacas… I prefer the “Bloody Indians” tag more. Or, if you’ve seen ‘Lagaan’, “Tum saaley kuttey log, hamesha hamaara joota ke niche rahega!“. There’s something about the way Capt. Russell(Peters?) says it that makes you want to laugh.

    And the sms… BangaWHore. heh heh, funny.

  6. Now get someone to say that out loud at the start on an airplane trip next time, and you’ve got an absolute peach of a situation where no one DARE make a noise on the entire flight.


    PS: I love the macaca reference. Maybe someone should make a movie on it: The Macaca Files.

    Here’s how to make it more acceptable to all Indians worldwide: Me an’ my ooold friend use it daily. You should too. Don’t be ashamed of being what you are. Embrace the name.

    Who knows, it might work.

    Like that time when our chemistry teacher @ the IIT coaching centre [the fellow was taught by Linus Pauling himself, and that’s the truth] told us a story of how one lady in upper class would be all “dissin'” our sugarcane and still wanted the nutritional benefits, so he said, “Why don’t you eat molasses?”… and she did.

    I like that story.

  7. Don’t them rich folk drink molasses?

    Speaking of teachers… “Jaad jaad bar ij ekwal to mod jaad skware

  8. Teachers?

    Juan Pablo: (Up on the table, first physics lecture ever for the class): “Phricson ij..”
    (palm facing upwards, other palm slides forwards and backwards on top of it)”… sheikh sarai… Khidki Gaon…”

    God bless him, he had a tonne of knowledge, couldn’t speak English to save his life. Maybe if we’d been awake in class… maybe… umm… who knows.

  9. Praveen

    tuvvel tooza toanty four

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