*hiss* clunk, *hiss* clunk

And then of course I’ve got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side.
          ~ Marvin

Me too. It was from a good cause, though…

H.Alagappa  c. Avinash b. Nikhil Menon   51(48b, 5×4, 1×6)

Thank you, thank you very much!

I’ve also spent extravagantly on…

Was tempted to buy a battered copy of Foundation, but didn’t. It was for 60 bucks…

KQA Anniversary Quiz tomorrow, don’t know if I can go or not; Sohan and co. have their exams next month and they have 9-pt GPA’s to maintain.


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2 responses to “*hiss* clunk, *hiss* clunk

  1. The Art of War. Costs 200 if you wanna pay for it.

    Project Gutenberg has free e-text for it.

  2. I bought the above mentioned books… Art of War for Rs. 80

    I do want Foundation, though!

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