Ah… Now I Know Why!

Reading “World Orders, Old and New” by Noam Chomsky.

I was supposed to give my British Council Library Card to Abhimanyu “EA Sports Fanboy” Mitra, but after discovering the above mentioned book and Brian Greene’s “The Elegant Universe”, I have decided to pay 2 weeks worth of fines and borrow the damn books as they accompany me in my sojourns in South India.

Wait a minute… South India… HOME! I’m going home!!! no more Delhi (for 3 weeks), no more annoying punjabi mispronounciation (“oye, complaaaax analyseees kiya kya?”), no more of “banjo-playing” bus lingo (Jug Suraiya calls it “Oy, pencho) , no more… you get the point.

Nimish says people confuse him to be a South Indian. Says something, doesn’t it?

Where was I?

Ah, yes. Now I Know Why!

I’d heard quite a lot about Mr. Chomsky. Did a bit of 10 to the power of 100-ing and found out that…

The 2005 Global Intellectuals Poll is a list of the 100 most important living public intellectuals in the world which has been compiled in November 2005 by Prospect Magazine (UK), on the basis of a reader’s ballot comprising more than 20,000 votes.

The rankings:

1. Noam Chomsky

3. Richard Dawkins

9. Amartya Sen

The book is brilliant. I’m still giving my GRE, though.

Wrote half of this at the BCL, Mrs. MK Gandhi Marg, yesterday. Hence the meandering and sudden ending. The muse… hits you when you’re least prepared and never there when you need it.

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