What the hairy weirdo is currently up to.

From the title, it’s quite  obvious to the discerning eye that…

I’m reading ‘What Ho!. The Best of PG Wodehouse’. Have read almost all Bertie and Jeeves and quite a few Drones and Golf stories and his earlier school stories, but this was my first into step the world of Psmith, Blandings and Ukridge. Liked Blandings and Psmith more than Ukridge. Haven’t reached Mr. Mulliner yet.

I’m also reading Stephen Hawking’s ‘The Theory of Everything’. As much as I like Dr. Hawking for writing that life-changing work of scientific genius, he basically writes the same stuff in all of these books. I need books that bridge the gap between informed layman and technical work.

Halfway through Richard Dawkins ‘The Blind Watchmaker’.

Better get started on Ansi C++, H K Dass ‘Advanced Engineering Mathematics’, Satyaprakash ‘Engineering Physics’ and the rest of the lot.

Listening to:



Playing Counter-strike like a madman (wait that’s a Terrorist BOT! *fires gun* “BOOM! Headshot!”) 

Rotten existence.

Oh, btw, if you call me… Don’t Panic.

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