I’m even more disillusioned now.


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  1. That’s because you’re a dumass.

    No relation between the other stuff.


    Share and Enjoy.™

  2. And that too.

    Connect Graham Chapman, Marco Polo, and the first wheelchair-bound scientist guy to work on blackholes AND be offered a seat on Virgin Galactic’s maiden flight.

  3. Jan.8


    I’m learning drums… the first albu’s going to be called Wikipediac.
    Now you learn the Ondes Martenot.

  4. you mean Hippocrate.

    Ondes Martemot? Right after the harp and the lute.

  5. I can sing .. can we have concerts with bath fittings !! ??

  6. Yes.

    bath fittings as controls of a dilapidated jeep that won’t start as we run for cover in WW II… running through a ravaged town as we hope just to make it through alive…

    only we don’t know we’re running in circles…

    in a very big lab…

    on the wrong planet.

  7. quote: “This band will be so rocking!” unquote

    Nimish… that’s plaigarism…

  8. No archives of Pinky and the Brain on the net otherwise I could’ve.

  9. harish42 said 42 minutes ago:

    No archives of Pinky and the Brain on the net otherwise I could’ve.

    I can see the Douglas Adams angle, but Pinky and The Brain?


    Nope, sorry. Don’t see any resemblance.

  10. It’s an episode I’ve seen only once. I’ll tell you when I arrive at your doorstep with a portable external HD.
    All Your Monty Pythons Are… *gets punched in the nose*

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