The Greatest Band Ever.

Nimish and me tend to go on and on and on about Radiohead. I think its time for me to set the record straight. Radiohead is definitely one of the greatest bands ever, no doubt. But no band has ever, even for a second in all their glory, come close to these four guys:

  1. Jimmy Page
  2. Robert Plant
  3. John Paul Jones
  4. John Bonham

To put it in a linear graph of greatness…

Iron Maiden is at x=6, Coldplay is at x=10, Radiohead is at x=15, The Beatles are at x=10, Led Zeppelin is at x=7793246462135451136532315412.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little.

But they are the greatest. Ever.

Comments are off. Non grandum anusa rodentum to your opinions.


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10 responses to “The Greatest Band Ever.

  1. Off ?

    I don’t think so !!

    By the by, there is an aussie univ whose intials are A.N.U.S.A ( Presuming the last line of the post meant – Don’t give a rat’s ass to your opinions )

    and the Beatles are too crappy to be at x=10 !!

  2. Ah, well, I don’t know how to deactivate comments, though I think that’s only possible if i start moderating comments which I’m unwilling to do…

    Beatles is good, nay, great. Screw what you think of them. I know your taste in music is good, but screw…

    Forgot a lot of other great bands in this post… Dire Straits, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Oasis, basically anything that’s Prog./Alternative. And I have a British bias in stuff.

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  4. avinash

    i guess the author refuses to acknowledge a certain band tht answers to the name of “Pink Floyd”..and truly cant fathom any reason how an avid music follower can refrain frm listing the band amidst the truly greats..

  5. The author acknowledges Pink Floyd, but as stated, this a personal list.

    They’re good. But not quite MY favorites (“Wish You Were Here”, “Another Brick In The Wall”, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” et cetera are brilliant, of course!)

  6. coldplay? seriously? coldplay? seriously?….seriously? better than iron maiden? even if you believe that led zeppelin and radiohead are 2 of the greatest bands ever(which they are), you still automatically loose all credebility for putting fucking bullshit coldplay above the all powerful iron maiden. what the hell is wrong with you?

  7. @The last song from pablo honey:
    This post was written BEFORE Viva La Vida and Chris Martin’s statement that he hopes Miley Cyrus would open for them, keep that in mind. The reason i put Coldplay above Maiden is quite simple… They have greater lyrical dextrity and used to be musically superior to Maiden (though it is very difficult to compare the artistic abilities of bands from completely different genres).
    Maiden is amazing, yes. But also repetetive. Their songs and albums are killer, but indistinguishable from each other.
    And as for the last question, apandrews…
    You name it.

  8. Simon

    Radiohead have a far more impressive back catalogue including b-sides then Led Zepplin do, they also beat the Beatles when it comes to musicianship and progression, although we all know how innovative The Beatles were, its easy to debate for or against ..

    certainly Radiohead do not have the same overall commercial appeal that The Beatles or Led Zepplin had, yeh sure they had ‘Creep’ but its strange that the bends, ok computer and in rainbows never received the commercial appeal they thoroughly deserved it just shows you the dismal state the music industry is in, perhaps if it was the 70’s they would have been HUGE! but instead they are alot like a Pixies or a Sonic youth …

    Funny thing is Radiohead could still make 1-2 more albums of great material, and its almost a given that whatever they release will be quality, because they’ve been doing it for 6 albums straight….

  9. peter kacprzynski

    Im a musician, trained in all fields of the spectrum, jazz, metal, classical, reggae and i have heard countless bands from the Beatles to Led Zep to Pink Floyd to Mozart to Miles Davis and everything in between….i know my music, and i know it very well. All i have to say is that there has never been a band on this planet like Radiohead, their music has so much texture, so much love in it, so much human spirit, it is some of the best sounding ear candy ever recorded….they are PURE music for music’s sake….i hope they continue to give us their best as long as they live…..yes Radiohead is the best band in the world.

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