Song Idea

It’s odd. I don’t drink or do drugs and my excuse has always been the same: I’m high and weird in my normal state, what can drugs and alcohol do? The point is that, I got this idea for a song while coming to the british council today… I don’t why I get these ideas in the metro… must be something in the air conditioning.

Anyways, the Lacucaracha has thus thunk :

There should be a Radiohead song… tell Jonny to get his Ondes Martenot and throw in a Electro-Theremin too for good measure. Thom Yorke, listen to to Numb, get the exact same deep, deadpan voice as the Edge’s, somewhat similar to A Wolf at the Door. There should be no drums while Thom sings, heavy bass and usage of a multitude of instruments, but no percussion whatsoever. The drums kick in only towards the end of the song, with a chaotic instrumental consisting of all instruments used in the song. ( Ondes Martenot, Electro-Theremin, Glass Armonica, Piano, Violin, Electric Guitar, Keyboards etc.)

The lyrics:

A graphic detailed instruction manual of how to painfully mutilate a person’s body, ending with the line, “And kill him thus” repeated over and over…

I need help.


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3 responses to “Song Idea

  1. I need help.


  2. Hark! Who talks!
    I’ll accept that wisecrack from anyone… but NOT you, Mr. Batra… definitely not you.

  3. $ /.polite-cough.c
    $ /.distract-by-pointing-left.c
    $ /.take-the money and-run.c
    > Error: Specifier “money” does not exist.

    $ Got a light?
    > No match.

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