The Ultimate Final of Ultimate Destiny

There are few useful things that happen on Orkut…

This, however, is one of them.

I, for one, would love it.


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4 responses to “The Ultimate Final of Ultimate Destiny

  1. Bull Crap !! If you put up a poll on a Liver-lung-pancreas-fool forum, then obviously people will vote for a Liver-many other organs-fool and Man – Chest – Hair united match (not because, the Red “Drivels” are a popular club, but because half the fools on that forum would be in two minds about which league AC Milan belongs to)

  2. Typical Chel$ki reply… all brash now are we? Let me just give you this light nudge on your shoulder so that you can fall to the ground in agony.
    It’s a Man Utd-Liverpool Rivalry community.

  3. Tsk Tsk.. Mr. Alagappa, I attributed you with truckloads more grey cells than you have displayed.. Tsk Tsk .. but of course, two self centered clubs and their equally blinkered supporters will ramble on, only about their clubs, turning a blind eye to reality.

    AC Milan will be a tough nut to crack for the “Gay – ly named battalion” , and Mourinho has a keen eye, he possess the key required to unlock the “Organ Brigade”.

    By the by, the “greatest rivalry” in english football is definately NOT Man U vs. Liverpool.
    Man ( U vs. City ) is special, Man U vs. Arsenal has taken on epic proportions in the recent years.

    Orkut – evidently – is still useless !!

  4. w.r.t. first line.
    I would say ditto, but I realize that you’re in your Che$ki mood, hence a momentary lapse in intelligence is of the order.
    I haven’t mentioned that it’s the “Greatest Rivalry”. I always have believed and will believe that that title belongs to either the Mercyside Derby or Man U v Arsenal.

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