This is Really Smart!

Hyper-Text Markup Language.

The Guide says that: “HTML stands for HyperText Mark-up Language and is the ‘code’ used to create webpages. It is made up of a number of special ‘tags’ such as <I>, <U> and <B>. Each tag consists of the tag’s ‘name’ and ‘attributes’ between < and >. A generic tag would, therefore, be <tagname attribute=value>. Most tags require a closing tag which is simply the name with a forward slash (/) before it: </tagname>. All of the attributes are set in the opening tag and almost all tags must be closed.

The function of tags to the readers of blog entries and comments is to act as a substitute for things such as intonation and voice modulation. Hence, it’s understood that <b> is BOLD, hence the person is either shouting at you or trying to get your attention. <i> is Italic,  used either while quoting another person/source or trying to be poetic/romantic. <a href=”> is used for hyperlinking which can act as a “lookie-here” sort of thing. Other tags include underlining, to add greater ferocity to the statement; headings, colors , paragraphs and line breakers etc.
What about a very fundamental form of speech which has been completely ignored by html tags?
What about…
It’s happened.
I think the person means what he’ saying, only for it to be sarcastic and vice-versa w.r.t. me.+
The importance of sarcasm is that you insult the person without truly insulting him and being witty t the same time. It’s basically meant for people to whom you can’t say, “Pardone mois, but I believe that you may have been incorrect in your assertion, no offence meant.”, but you wouldn’t want to say, “Shut Up! Dickhead. You’re lyk, soooo totally wrong! lolzzz!!!” as, you have an intellectual standard. Hence, sarcasm fills this gap in speech quite nicely. When understood, it also saves unnecessary explaining.
So, I think it’s time to propose a solution.
Sarcasm can perhaps be best represented as , i.e. underlined and in italics. The reason being, it is perhaps spoken as a form of quoting other/being poetic, i.e. fictional and also, you’re making a strong point. The underlined italics can eliminate the need for having to gauge sarcasm using the worst scientific tools in history, experience and belief. And since none of us are Professor Frink to invent sarcasm-detectors, I think that this brilliant idea will help us all in personal communications over the internet.

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