Doomsday Machines!

Death’s too good for them.
  – Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz



Curse the miserable psychopaths who somehow managed to escape their respective institutions for the criminally insane and dangerously psychotic and went on to make these things. If I ever meet anyone who was in any way involved in the production of either one of these… (you can’t recognise it while reading, but I took a long time to type anything after the dot dot dot)… read starting quote.

I guess it was my mistake. It was 0850, I had a lab at 0900. It takes me 20 mins to reach college (that’s music to my ears…ONLY twenty short minutes…). My lab. prof. was pissed with me. Understandable, I mean, when the lab’s at nine a.m., oh-nine-hundred hours, nine’o’clock, you expect that your students will turn up there at roundabouts that time. So when a 6ft 2in, dark, fat-ass who hasn’t had a hair-cut in a year turns up at ten for three consecutive weeks, you tend to lose it. My side: I travelled 35 kms in four buses and the Delhi Metro. Daily. It takes me 2 hours or more.

But I’m now in Noida, right? Well, I HAD to take that lift from a room-mate. He HAD to try to recreate his screen icons and give me the biggest willies since Scotland was created.

Thank the Kind Flying Spagetthi Monster that I’m alive…

Curse him?



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One response to “Doomsday Machines!

  1. When you’re king, you can destroy Harley-Davidson along with Honda and Yamaha.

    Till such time, walk.

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