2-1 AND Violence.

They were always a threat. At least we have the away goal.

5: Christian Chivu, looking like the Phantom of the Opera, takes a free-kick that just curls wide of Van De Sar. Phew!
12: Cristiano Ronaldo’s low cross not given the right treatment by Rooney, shoots it straight to Doni. Damn!
26: Scholes yellow-carded. He’s out of the next game.
34: Scholes brings Totti down near the half-line. Marching orders issued. United down to ten, Totti looking like a hungry wolf.
44: Rodrigo Taddei scores after Mancini clipped a quick penalty. Left-footed shot deflected of Wes Brown. SHIT!

Roma fans show that they haven’t culturally evolved much. Unhappy about the fact that there are no tigers or people killing each other in the calcio colosseum, they begin jeering at Man Utd supporters. Things escalate. Italian police react in a manner that smacks of biased-ness and frankly, UP-behavior ensues.

47: Totti passes to Perrotta who gives it Taddei again, but the shot is poor and Van De Sar makes a diving save. Come on, guys!
48: Cristiano gets a decent chance. Left-foot, but not enough elevation to score. Damn again!
49: Totti fires one from cricket pitch distance, over the bar. Is Rio there?
52: Cassetti crosses, Wilhelmsson’s header goes wide. United’s getting f’d.
60: GOAAAALLLLL!!!!! Away Goal! C. Ronaldo makes his usual lightning run down the right, before cutting in and passing it to Ole, who gives a great chip to Rooney. Wayne chests it and slots it in the far corner, cool as you please. First Champion’s league goal since his hat-trick vs Fenerbache on debut.
63: Mirico Vucinic brought in.
67: Mancini fires a scorcher, Van De Sar unable to clear it and Vucinic scores. #$%^&*((*&^%$#!~@#$%^&*((*&^%$@#$%^&*((*&^

Final score:               Manchester United 1 : 2 A S Roma
United seemed sort of pleased with the result. I’m not. I just hope the guys at Old Trafford give Roma fans extra-special hospitality.


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