Young Zaphod’s Going Solo

The inevitable has occurred. I have been expelled from my house. Mom and Dad are moving to Lucknow (Luck…Now, now, at least now!) and I’m now a resident at the self-styled dormitory that is J-8, Sector-41, Noida. Akhil Garg has made the massive mistake of being my roommate.

I pity the foo’!

And due to exams and shyte, my usual prodigious blaughhing output has reduced considerably, but perhaps this in the betterment of humanity and vogonity in general.

I’ve been wondering, which H2G2 character do I most relate to… It’s an amalgamated answer:
1. Ford Prefect a.k.a. Ix: Non-committal, sarcastic, insatiable appetite for drinks (do you have an “appetite” for drinks? Hmm…)
2. Zaphod Beeblebrox: To quote a source that’s not very dissimilar to The Guide, I am “…hedonistic and irresponsible, self-centered almost to the point of solipsism, and often extremely insensitive to the feelings of those around him. (…)nevertheless quite intelligent, though he sometimes prefers not to make this obvious, and can be briefly shamed into better behavior.”
3. Wowbagger, The Infinitely Prolonged: Disillusioned and on a vendetta of insults.
4. Marvin: I may be Paranoid, but at least I’m not an Android. By the way, depression and paranoia are two different things. Marvin’s more of the latter and I’m more of the former.


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2 responses to “Young Zaphod’s Going Solo

  1. Arthur: Perenially bewildered about the why and how despite getting to grips with the what.

    Ford: Always the cool head, always very very mature and level headed, but frequently choosing his self preservation instinct over his hero instinct.

    Zaphod: Show-off, deliberately stupid, amazingly cool.

    Marvin: He knows things. Why bother? And he hums in Pink Floyd. Not hum-hum-haa-hum like you and me.

    All of them, with an inner layer of infinitesimal sadness. Always.

    Arthur for the lost Earth. Ford for his own lost world and culture. Zaphod for never being in actual control. Marvin? Well. He knows.

  2. Correction:
    Marvin’s more of the former, I’m more of the latter.

    I’m also like Prosthetnic Vogon Jeltz w.r.t. appearance and poetry skills.

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