Accenture’s Army Building

William D. Green, chairman and CEO of Accenture:

“India will pass the US as Accenture’s largest geography in terms of headcount in August.”
“(…) in the next six years, the India workforce is expected to grow at 30-40% year-on-year (C.I.). Thus, by 2012, when Accenture’s global headcount hits 230,000, India will constitute about 40%”

Source: Businessworld, dated March 26, 2007.

The headcount growth is a necessity to accomplish their big target of $30 billion in revenues by 2012. Their current turnover was $16.64 billion (Aug. 2006), which means that to get to the big three-o, they need to grow by 80 percent per year. The whole India strategy is perhaps a plan to leapfrog everybody’s favorite services co. IBM (who are waaaaay ahead with revenues of $48.2 billion Already!), by beating ‘em in India, supposedly the world’s emerging superpower. So, we’re a battleground in the war between the world’s two biggest ITES organizations. Terr-ific! And my sis is a soldier in the minnow’s army.
Of course, it’s not as if Big Blue’s unaware of this. IBM already has the upper hand in headcount with 50,000 macacas as of now, with a mass recruitment drive of their own underway. They’re targeting 92,000 chaps by 2010. But Accenture hopes to have their 92,000 by 2012, hence making it an even playing field. And let’s not forget Infy, TCS and Wipro. Their combined revenues are only 42% of Accenture’s, but they’ve been kicking global arse recently. EDS, however, is executing what they call their “Best Shore” plan. They’re building up capabilities in 19 developing and developed economies. 60% of their “Best Shore” employees are from swades, but that’s only 15% of their global workforce. Their targeted India workforce is 45000, only half of their Global rivals. Is that a sign that they’ve conceded defeat in India or are they diversifying their investments, believe that it’s a question of when rather than if the India bubble will burst. To add condensed fat to the fire, Nasscom-McKinley predicts a 500,000-manpower shortage in the next four years.
What will this result in? In a word, pandemonium.
But that’s good news for all you placement-worried freakazoids. Do well enough and you can actually end up working for a major global IT-ITES giant. Is this the end of the IIT-domination in the job market? Who knows!
There are two ways an Indian can deal with this situation. Corporate Jungle terms… be a Tiger (Accenture!) and fight with the risk of defeat and death! Or…. Be a hyena/jackal etc. Let the big guys fight. Take whatever scraps are left in the end.
As for me… I’m into research. So, while the US makes their way to India, I’ll do the reverse. And I have to buy my sis a “I Love IBM” T-shirt.


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2 responses to “Accenture’s Army Building

  1. By the way, Accenture is NOT hiring from BVpCOEnd.

    They didn’t come to our campus, and they’re not having an off campus, so far as I could make out.

    I don’t know, but I think IBM has only recently begun to invade Accenture waters [I mean busniess sector, not country-wise].

    So “the elephant has developed fins and is challenging the barracuda in it’s own element”… or something.
    [The graeco metaphors have gone too far, haven’t they? Pretty soon, I’ll touch a raw nerve and the wrath of academia shall be upon me, with all those distinguished professors with graying hair and their sensitive students donning the war-armor (dot dot dot)…
    Mmm – Fe. Yummy.]

  2. Accenture IS hiring from the Amity School of Engineering, Amity University, Sector-125, Noida. UP.
    War-armor… they just needed whips for a good “spanking”

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