This is What You Get… When You Mess With ME!

There is a very rare version of “Karma Police” finding its way into people’s collections, it is a bootleg recorded from a live show and has different lyrics:

“This is what you’ll get, this is what you’ll get
This is what you’ll get, when you mess with ME”

– Wikipedia

Can I brag? Of course I can! Give me my pizza you patriotic idiots! muhahahahahahaha!!!!

Back history: I predicted that India is going to lose to Bangladesh on March 17th, 2007. The reason: Habibul Bashar’s comment made a few weeks back on Sportscenter India. I couldn’t find the exact quote, but it was basically something like this, “We have been practicing, training and playing our cricket over the last six to seven months with only ONE aim in mind. To beat India on March 17th.”
We have been systematically targeted by Bangladesh (this is not new in some respects, but it is in sports). They had decided that the only way to proceed in this tournament is by beating India and their entire training schedule was based on this plan. Thus, we went complacently into a match against a team that has been training specifically to beat us in this very match.
Reaction: I was laughed at by certain people who allowed their patriotism to take the place of reason. “No Way!” They said, “We’re too good for them, any day!” We’re too good for them? Yes. But not today. Not when they’ve come here with a vengeance. “Alright” said one, on whose choice of girlfriends potential girlfriends I have already commented, “If India wins, you treat us for a Pizza. And if, as if it’ll ever happen, India loses (*laughter all around*), we’ll treat you to Pizzas.”
“No!” said Akhil, “We’ll treat you at Geoffrey’s!”
Note: Geoffrey’s is an expensive restaurant/bar located at Centerstage, Noida.
And so, the bet was made.
Consequence: India lost to Bangladesh by 5 wickets.
We won the toss and batted first. Sehwag was in extraordinary form, scoring two whole runs! Uthappa and Sachin struggled scoring 9 and 7 off a combined total of 43 balls! Dravid looked in decent form, but mistook a Rafique delivery and went for 14. We looked screwed at 72/4. Sourav and Yuvraj played sheet anchors, putting on 85 runs quickly enough (we were 90/4 in 30 overs and 157/4 in 42 overs). Then, in characteristic Indian domino (hey, Pizza!) style, we lost the next 5 wickets for 2 runs in 3 overs! Zaheer and Munaf entertained with some big hitting to get us to 191. Our ultimate excuse was “bad pitch”, but a no. 10 and no.11 put on 30 runs in 6 overs, hello? If anyone saw how Bangladesh bowled and fielded, you would’ve known that “motivated” is an understatement to describe these guys. The biggies (Sachin, Dravid etc.) were restricted and were forced into making errors. Dhoni was pressurized into throwing his wicket away and even Sourav Ganguly hesitated while playing a left-arm spinner!
Anyway, Bangladesh got to 192 losing 5 wickets, thanks largely to an 84-run partnership for the 4th wicket. Among the bowlers, Munaf was perhaps the most consistent. Agarkar wasn’t aggressive enough. We should’ve played Pathan, but too late now.
Lesson: Don’t take anyone lightly, have a good memory. Right. When do we eat?


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3 responses to “This is What You Get… When You Mess With ME!

  1. Is it just me, or should we all be scared that Bangladesh chose US as the easier prey and not Sri Lanka?

    Domino’s is your logical choice. Have a big BIG party on any excuse, invite lots of girls and have 30 Ginormous size pizzas with “everything on top” except capsicum. Just for kicks, without capsicum.

    [Oddly enough, Sehwag did get out clean bold, if not to a 16 year old debutante.]

  2. harish42

    It’s easier to motivate a Bangladesh team against India than the Lanks. Psycho-logy.

  3. harish42

    I like Capsicum. No Tomatoes.

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