ACT ’07 (Absolute Crappiness? Totally)

A fool who knows his foolishness is wise at least to that extent, but a fool who thinks himself wise is a fool indeed.


I honestly don’t know why I did it. Logic, commonsense and practicality all dictated that ’tis better to avoid ye ACT ’07, my “college’s” *ahem*, “Techni-cul” fest. Of course, I just HAD to do the opposite. So, there I was, 1100 hrs on Friday the 9th of March at sector-125, Noida. The college was the complete antithesis of what a college ought to look like when it’s having a fest. Silent, deserted and not a single sponsor’s banner in sight. “Crap”, I thought. Anyway, Akhil Garg and I went around to torture ourselves by checking out any event. We planned to catch “Apocalypto” at 1530 and thus, had four hours to kill.

I better inform you’ll in advance, I didn’t participate in anything. Why? It’s simple: I have a standard.

1130: the Quiz! Conscenza, from whose organizing committee I had dramatically walked out seeing that, “They knew quizzing no more than a tealeaf knows the history of the East India Company.” Anyways, the prelims had been conducted on some mysterious date at the deepest darkest recesses of Noida. The quiz actually had judges… oooookaaaaay… The teams had been named after scientists, not a good omen. They started off with three Indians, Bose (I don’t know which one!), Raman and Bhabha. They then realized that they don’t know any more Indian scientists (Chandrasekhar, Sarabhai, CNR Rao etc.?), so they named the last two teams Edison and Newton. Riiiigghhhht… First question to team Bose, “Where is the Pentagon building located?” Team Bose thought carefully and then replied, I kid you not, “USA”. “Correct! 10 points!” I wanted to leave and yet I was also interested in seeing exactly how f’d up can this quiz get. A team was asked, “Where is Greenwich located?” (Note pronunciation: Green-witch). They reply, “Scotland.” “Sorry, minus five, the right answer is UK.” I was out of the auditorium in less than 3.5 seconds, swearing at 40 insults per minute. Decision to quit vindicated beyond the faintest shadow of a doubt.

Met some of my hostel (hostile?) classmates. Our physics sir, Mr. Our-Ass Paan-dey, gave the assignment questions on the evening before our holi break to a dude who is yet to return from his holi vacations. We have to submit it on Monday. He will listen to no excuses. Terrr-ific! A Pepsi later, I returned to the auditorium for the technical debate. The excrement really made physical contact with a hydroelectric powered oscillating air current distribution device this time! It deserves its own post.

Anyway, saw Apocalypto after that. It also deserves its own post.

One Friday completely ruined: Check.

Screwed studying for minors: Check.

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One response to “ACT ’07 (Absolute Crappiness? Totally)

  1. The quiz actually had judges… oooookaaaaay…

    That’s what happened in IPU. I didn’t want to say it out loud. 😦 It shames us all when there’s judges in quizzes.

    Technical debate
    Well… isn’t that the one where they point out technicalities in the side issues for points? When it gets so heated up over tense formation and verb ananlysis that they start throwing chairs?
    Otherwise, I don’t go to see them. They turn ‘technology’ debates into totally irrelevant 3 minute hate speeches.

    Debating the moral issues surounding cell phone acceptance? Fine. Let’s go back to 1998 when we actually HAD a choice in the matter.

    Debating a ‘chip-in-the-brain’ ? Great. But could you discuss the HOW and the WHAT before saying ‘it’s criminal to mess with nature’ or ‘woohoo no exams ever’?

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