Life! Don’t Talk to ME About…

The Days are crap.

The Nights are crappier.

Why did I go to college today? Oh, yes, because I could drive up to it! Dad had some work in Greater Noida and so I drove up to (Little? /Mediocre?) Noida and did a pretty damn good job of it!

But seriously, we had ONE class and ONE lab today; the class was between two to three and a computer lab between nine to eleven! Did my life sciences assignment most of the time and then listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Coldplay from a Nokia N72. Also played classic 8-bit games on Akhil Garg’s cellphone. Thankfully, the shyte we’re studying in chemistry, Fuels, is somewhat interesting and has a potential of practical application. Anyways, whatever.

Went to Abhimanyu Mitra’s place. Madness on a Vista-themed computer that has a 1GB RAM and 240 GB HDD. This dude hopes to work for EA eventually and thus has most of their games, which were (anemia) bought from Pallika Bazaar.

In a major ray of sunshine, my daily commute has been eased a bit by diversions in many bus routes in Noida thanks to the construction of the Metro. So, the 355, 355-L and GL-32 that I take at Indraprastha Park, after travelling to the last station of the Metro’s blue line and then taking a Ring Road Service Bus, will now drop me off at Atta Chowk. From there, I can take a bus to sector-37 and then take the Amity Shuttle Bus; or a bus to the Expressway red-light and then a cycle rickshaw or, if I’m lucky enough, a UP bus to the expressway. If there are enough Amity students and HCL and Perot Systems guys in the bus, he’ll stop opposite the college, or else… the Greater Noida Expressway is 8 kms?

Right-o Jeeves. Festive Greetings from an Atheist:

A Happy Lunar Eclipse.

A Happy Holi to all Hindus.

A Happy Charter Day in Pennsylvania and St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

A Happy Inauguration Day in the US.

A Happy Admission Day in Vermont.

A Happy Feast day of Rhiannon in Wales.

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