The News on Nine

Yes. It’s ON nine, not AT Nine, see the date, foo! I’m on the brink of yelling, “yeaaarrrghhhh!!!!! Die You Miserable Sad Excuse For a PC!!!! Antiquated rubbish that cannot do the most simple of all operations!!!!! Die, Goddam You!”
Then I realize that this isn’t MY PC, and I better learn to deal with it until my dad can cough up enough Doh! to buy something more agreeable.

Right. The Developments.

1. Second sem started and sucked big time. The Engineering block is being built at a pace so freaking rapid that its scary.
2. Quizzzzzz… Not looking good. Lost IMS genuinely, so no regrets. Went to Stephen’s. Look here.
3. Am probably moving to J-8, sector 41, Noida in a couple of weeks. 3 grand includes fridge, beds, cupboards and a tv with AC charges extra. Too opulent for my tastes.
4. Sorry to Venom, who’s stopped commenting and has probably stopped reading this as well… Wanted to come to NIFT’s fest but couldn’t make it thanks to a Chemistry prac.

Can’t post a lot. Reason: Some computers stall occasionally when they run…

mine runs occasionally as it stalls.

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One response to “The News on Nine

  1. There’s a joke about NIFT, NSE Nifty, and niftyness that was about to form in my mind before I killed it.

    It was pretty neat

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