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Lazy, Busy and Thinking too much

The last week or so has been unusual. That is, unusually unusual… more so.

Nimish FINALLY gave me a Radiohead CD that is not corrupt! Had a blast listening to The Bends; a beautiful album that seems to hark back to the Beatles. When OK Computer and Kid A were playing though, I was in awe… It’s amazing how a band could’ve made not just one, but two albums that have such a myriad collage of musical styles, instruments, tempos and incredibly meaningful lyrics. Amnesiac is perhaps one of weirdest albums I’ve ever heard, but that’s where it’s beauty lies. I seriously want to explore more underground bands and their music, which inspired Radiohead’s experimentative streak.

Went to NSIT’s Moksha. The fest was good, real good. Pool, a free X-Box 360 stall and well-organized events. The rock show, Avalanche was good, but I couldn’t watch Them Clones or Advaita thanks to the Metro’s early closure timings. The Quiz league idea was nice, but I didn’t like the lack of prizes. “Don aur Gyaarah Mulko ki Police” came 2nd in the league… and got NOTHING!!! I won the Dichotomy JAM and got a Reebok shirt that fits dad. Best Interjector in the debate too. Kunal Malhotra of DCE (?) won the league and promptly announced his retirement from all quizzes where he’s not invited, whatever that means. Nimish and Kunal had a mini-fight in his Stephen’s-is-the-complete-pants post.

Dinesh Kapur of BVCOE came to NSIT despite a left foot that is giving my left foot a run for its worthlessness. Nitesh Bhasin was drunk during Spectrum, DCE’s last quiz of the season. DCE has five fests running simultaneously. Overload.

Right-o. I better sleep or mum and dad will lose it.


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Don’t misunderestimate “Them”…

I think I’m suffering from a case of terrorist paranoia. Yesterday CNBC carried news of how K R Narayanan (fmr. Indian President for those who don’t know) believes that terrorist groups are manipulating the stock market for financing their diabolical deeds. Add to that the news in today’s Times of India (a tiny little piece hidden away amongst the major headlines of Liz Hurley’s wedding and the P3 party of some unknown socialite) that the Westpoint Academy is training the US Corps to not under misunderestimate the Al Qaeda’s intelligence capabilities.

The Sensex crossed the 1000 mark in June 1990.
The Sensex crossed the 2000 mark in January 1992 and then crossed the 4000 mark in March 1992. A year later, serial blasts ripped through Bombay. Now, but it’s difficult to pinpoint these directly to the sudden quadrupling of the Sensex in two months.
The Harshad Mehta scam resulted in a seven-year lull until October 1999, when it crossed 5000 and February 2000 when it crossed 6000. December 13, 2001 and a terrorist attacks on the parliament.
A five-year period then followed until June 2005, when the markets hit 7000 and then in September it crossed 8000. October 29th, 2005 was a frightening day; mum and dad went to my uncle’s place in Subroto Park. They wanted to buy me a Led Zeppelin T-shirt from Sarojini Nagar, but I said that I didn’t want anything and convinced them to not go. I don’t know why, but I’m really thankful that I did.
December 2005, the markets cross 9000; February 2006, they cross 10000; March 2006, 11000; April 2006, 12000. Followed by July 11, 2006.
Again, the markets are making random leaps that somehow do not represent the actual economy. 13000 in November 2006 and 14000 in December.

Terrorists can easily get tips on market manipulation from D and the ISI. We all know the incredible and downright frightening level of how the ISI have infiltrated the nation. There are terrorists in the army, the government, the IAS, working in Infy and Wipro and they do so as Ravi Kumar and Nikhil Mishra, not as Mohammad Aslam or Ismail Rehman. They have realized that religion is inconsequential, something our security forces and pigs don’t get. The only way to defeat them is simple. Development. Better infrastructure, better schools and colleges and a increase in the standard of living will ensure that the nation will be able to cope, at least economically after any building, train, plane etc is blown up. A transparent system will make their job THAT much more difficult and better training for our security forces will help; I mean, I doubt if an obese bribe-taking, paan/gutka chewing hawaldar is a match against the well-trained, fit and fanatically obsessed agents of the LeT or Al-Q.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: “O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.” And God granted it.
– Voltaire


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The News on Nine

Yes. It’s ON nine, not AT Nine, see the date, foo! I’m on the brink of yelling, “yeaaarrrghhhh!!!!! Die You Miserable Sad Excuse For a PC!!!! Antiquated rubbish that cannot do the most simple of all operations!!!!! Die, Goddam You!”
Then I realize that this isn’t MY PC, and I better learn to deal with it until my dad can cough up enough Doh! to buy something more agreeable.

Right. The Developments.

1. Second sem started and sucked big time. The Engineering block is being built at a pace so freaking rapid that its scary.
2. Quizzzzzz… Not looking good. Lost IMS genuinely, so no regrets. Went to Stephen’s. Look here.
3. Am probably moving to J-8, sector 41, Noida in a couple of weeks. 3 grand includes fridge, beds, cupboards and a tv with AC charges extra. Too opulent for my tastes.
4. Sorry to Venom, who’s stopped commenting and has probably stopped reading this as well… Wanted to come to NIFT’s fest but couldn’t make it thanks to a Chemistry prac.

Can’t post a lot. Reason: Some computers stall occasionally when they run…

mine runs occasionally as it stalls.

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