Tech Illiterate

I’m Harish Alagappa and I’m a Tech Illiterate. I never thought that I was a Computer Geek. Far from it. In fact, my interest in Computers basically was limited to a few rudimentary games, using office tools like word etc. and the odd ancient programming language that I was learning at that time. The Internet comprised of 90% of all my computing work and I was happy with it. However; fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. I left the two IT Capitals of India/Asia? /The World??, Bangalore and Hyderabad to have my knowledge in computers vastly grow thanks to Abhimanyu Mitra and his forever upgraded PC. Anti-aliasing, GPUs and Nvidia all became a part of my lexicon and with some light reading, I believed that I am now a technocrat! Ah! Life! Thou art a bitch! My humbling was to come from that demon of the net, wikipedia. Looking up Linux, I found that the article was beyond my grasp. Perhaps it was because it was midnight after a particularly nasty evening (all my evenings are nasty, but THIS one was worse than ever), but Linux and many other tech-articles were all Greek (or should I say, Java?) to me! I swallowed my pride and…

This is embarrassing…

But I must be honest…

Not with my non-existent readers…

But with myself…


Read the articles in Simple English!!!!!


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One response to “Tech Illiterate

  1. Good news!

    I checked out the Wiki and Simple English articles on Standard Model, Gluon and Quantum Mech.

    Simple English was waaaaay too simple… but I could understand and actually contribute to the non-technical wikipedia articles (understood technical minus equations, followed Penrose’s rule)

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