Do-Dyeh, Syeh-Syeh!

Thank You

Thank You, China. This is just what the world needed. Seriously, if wars on the ground for land, oil and (coming soon!) water were not enough, the Great Infallible People’s Animal Farm of China est. 1984. had to show-off their strength in the Aerospace sector. So, what did the CNSA do? Launch a communications satellite that will allow the Chinese to predict floods and provide Internet mobility to rural China? Launch a new satellite that can do research into the nature of dark matter? Create a re-usable, cost effective launch vehicle? Nope. Chairman Big Brother decided to follow the great teachings of Mao-der F**ker and his Reds and created a Anti-Satellite Ballistic Missile. Thank You! Now Star Wars is no longer fiction! The extremely intelligent Chinese always use their brains for the development of humanity!


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4 responses to “Do-Dyeh, Syeh-Syeh!

  1. Actually, Chairman Mo and his “Red Devils” or “Red Army” was frequently heard round the countryside.

    After watching Mo Szyslak, he decided to add an extra ‘a’ to his name.

    But he liked football so he kept calling his army “red devils”. They didn’t actually get acquainted with the color red for a long time after being called “red devils”, but that was okay, since they were football fans anyhow.

  2. STILL reading THIS blog????!!!!

    “You can tell a scouser apart from a crowd by the way he is trying to break into the most expensive looking car.This is a typical scouser. As You can see, He has an abnormally low forehead and a permenant scowl. They are generally very ugly with large protrusions from the side of the head called “lugs”. Many other people could confuse them for ears but do not say this as it will confuse and probably anger the scouser leading to death.”

  3. 🙂

    A typical racist jibe.

    Don’t try that anytime soon.

    By the way, that Neville hates scousers.

    Rooney is a scouser.

    Wonder how the dressing room meetings go.

    Neville Jr. plays for a scouse club, the third best team in Liverpool.

    Wonder how Christmas is.

    Here’s a ‘celebration’ last year which came after the Old Trafford match.

    Gary Neville charges to the VERY opposite end of the pitch after the goal and taunts Liverpool fans. Police contemplated action against the dweeb for riot-inducement, but when Alex Ferguson came out saying “He only kissed the badge” and that he was just “passionate” the matter was dropped.

    Where, oh where, does he kiss the badge?

    In fact, he doesn’t even know where the hell the badge is!

    So much for a captain. 🙂

    So the next time you want to point at someone, be very extremely careful that Neville has retired.

    And that you’re not being racist/regionalist.

  4. Harish is the Red-Devil Shirted Eye Stabber

    This is a post about the People’s Animal Farm starting a Space War, not a friggin’ Man U v whatsitsname thread! sheesh!

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