The Torture of Talent…

Figure out the significance of the title.

EM end-sem exam major  mockery. If we weren’t so blessedly fortunate to have a teacher who ditched us with half the syllabus done, we were the lucky ones to get a question paper made in Mechanics hell. Add to this the tiny little insignificant fact that I didn’t study at all before the exam and you get the general idea of what to expect.

Attempt any FIVE.

Question no. 1- Member truss… right-o, I can do this.

Question no. 2- Worm wheel… I thought lifting machines wasn’t in the syllabus, thanks Budhi!

Question no. 3- Moment of Inertia… skipped it, ‘coz I knew there’ll be only one qs from this which I’ll abandon.

Question no. 4- CoG of a shaft, D’Alemberts Law etc, etc… Done.

Question no. 5- Restitution. Ten mark derivation of distance travelled by a ball when dropped on a surface. I’m supposed to get something else, I got something else. Only later realized that I didnt anticipate the ball bouncing more than once. I know this sounds stupid, and it is, but the question was asked in a REALLY screwed up way.

Question no. 6- Define Creep. wtf? err.. Creep is a single by the British Alternative Rock band, Radiohead. Released in 1993 in their album, Pablo Honey? Out of syllabus. Damn it!

Question no. 7- Some easy shit which I can’t remember.

That’s it in a nutshell. No development on the physics front. The +5 I got in my attendance WAS from RSP *spit paan*.  Hence, I never quite recieved my +6 ECA attendance. “Unfortunately, the list has gone to the university” says Christine ma’am. She said it in an extremely grave tone as if it’s waaay beyond my reach forever now. Well, the university is block ‘B’, we’re block ‘E’. The list is still closer to me than the friggin’ canteen!

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”

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