David Iscariot

So! It’s a rumor, I agree, but  ill-rumors have a tendency to be harbringers of truth. Is Mister David “Metrosexual, formerly the best crosser and free-kick taker in the world, now relegated to an advertisment pin-up for the US” Beckham actually packing his bags from a lengthy siesta in REAL MADrid and moving to THAT club? Of course, there are many indications he might go to lesser illustrious ones such as West Ham(the prospect… Beckham losing to THE club at THE ground playing for West Ham!) or a decently reputed club such as Newcastle. But if he does go to THAT club… it will be betrayal. Agreed, it’s better than him going EWWW…THAT club or *that* club, but I still feel that he’s better off coming back to United…Reserves. Naah, seriously, go to Newcastle. With Becks and Owen, it will be a weird “dream partnership” that isn’t quite a dream partnership. Time will tell.


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3 responses to “David Iscariot

  1. I don’t think Benitez wants any burn-out who demands a pay check that can bankrupt some nations every week, and doesn’t deliver.

    What are the odds of a return to Man’s Chest err… United?

    far higher I say.

    20-1 on Henry to Liverpool odds. Shortened from 33-1.

    Another tabloid joke that people believe.

    By the way, David Villa was sighted in the director’s box. But as a guest of someone. Not a transfer target. 😀

  2. Guess Nimish was right… Los Angeles Galaxy, 5-year deal. At least he won’t be on the bench! And I haven’t heard of a press conference yet, but it’ll great if he says he’s going there for “professional reasons” or because “it’s a developing league and is equally as challenging as Europe” and then someone says, “So, there was NO thought of Victoria’s (Vi-kha-triya, as the tattoo reads) hopes of becoming a hollywood damnsel or even of your acting career while deciding to join the soccer league which in terms of talent is as good as India?”

  3. Guess Nimish was right
    Aren’t you used to saying that all the time?

    Actually, he’s going there to join Xenu

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