Christmas Overload…

Christmas is a festival. It celebrates the Christian god, Santa Claus and his penchant to give gifts to people all over the world on this day. Though earlier believed that the gift-giving was restricted to Christian children who were good throughout the year, it has now been proven that everyone, including adults who have sinned all through the year are also beneficiaries. The chief mode of distribution of gifts is via his punjabi cousin, Santa Singh over various Delhi radio stations, all of which are perennially playing Crazy Kiya Re. For more information on Christmas and Santa (Claus and/or Singh)…
1. Political developments regarding Santa
2. Santa’s plans
3. New developments regarding Santa
4. Santa bought by Disney
5. Satan Claus
6. Black Santa… That’s right, bitches!
7. Merry Christmas!


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2 responses to “Christmas Overload…

  1. Boy! Are you uncyclopedia obsessed!!!

  2. err.. well… actually… yes. I’m it’s target audience.

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