Break On Through, baby!

Recently caught Oliver Stone’s bioflick ‘The Doors’ on the telly. Honestly speaking, after having to tolerate the disaster that was ‘Alexander’, a movie I hate for the simple reason being that it was terribly made cinematically, inaccurate in many areas and an insult to one of my role-models, I did not have high expectations of this portrayal of the incredible 4 years in the life of a certain Jim Morrison and his awesome band, The Doors. You can always check out the inimitable imdb’s take on this flick here. I believe that there was the same flaw in this flick as there was in Alexander; i.e. it’s an extremely lop-sided, overly-dramatic take on the life of one heck of an influential person. I mean, yes, Jim was a drunk who was almost 99% high all the time; yes, Jim epitomised the Rock+Drugs+Sex+Alcohol overload and “paid the price”. But there was no mention of a soft or sensitive side of Jim. No mention of his family or parents or how he was pre-LSD+Doors days. I think it would’ve been an incredible challenge for a director to show such a transition, and maybe Stone was not up to the task. But…. what really makes the movie watchable was the acting. For once, Meg Ryan got into the skin of the character such that you actually saw her as Pam Courson rather than “Meg Ryan playing Pam Courson”. Ray Manzarek’s character was pseudo-villianised, but I honestly don’t care ‘coz I’ve always been a fan of The Doors’ music and not the guys themselves. But if the cast made the movie watchable, Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Jim Morrison was a frickin’ incredible tour de force! He looked, sounded and played the part of the Lizard King to perfection. An award-worthy performance (I don’t know if he won any for it, but he deserved some). Watch it, I really feel it’s worth a look.

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