What’s that white thingie on the horizon?

I had a very odd saturday. The plan was simple… go to Pragati Maidan for the Education Expo. Nothing… correction, Nothing Useful there. Somehow from there I ended up with Abhimanyu at Nehru Place. He was checking out a cheap, but pretty good 160GB HDD; I was thankful that my new cell has radio! It was there that the title question popped up… What’s that white thingie on the horizon? The answer: The Baha’i Lotus Temple. I then wondered, why is that we who actually live in Delhi never visit the places we would’ve visited as tourists. I, for example, have yet to visit the Iron Pillar and the erection next to it. So Abhi and I decided to pop in and check out the Baha’i T. It was a really rewarding experience…. had it not been for families after families who invariably had a crying child and moms who thought that this is THE best spot to start feedinbg their kids puris. But the Stupidity Nobel goes to those guys who had a beautiful example of modern-traditional fusion architecture in front of tem, but were more interested in looking at the water sprinklers in the lawn!! Holy (Jebus!+Flying Spagetti Monster!+”Bob”!+…)!!! There are no words or excalamation marks in Elvish, Orkish or the Common Tongue that can describe the stupidity being portrayed there. But it was really worth it. Any guys living in Delhi who haven’t been there… it beats going to CP and/or Ansal Plaza every weekend!


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2 responses to “What’s that white thingie on the horizon?

  1. Yeah! The Bahai rocks!!! But somehow Connaught Place has it’s own charm…. You go there every weekend and yet don’t get bored!–>

  2. Thankfully you didn’t curse this place…. 😀

    Anyways, I think you can probably judge by this line, exactly what I want to say….
    “There lay elation, which was pure. It was for everyone to witness, but few did.”

    I stayed there for an hour, and didn’t utter a word. Normally, nobody can stand silence. There, it’s so much more easier…

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