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Practicals… College Version.

My first practical exams in college were no different from my board pracs, whose description can be found here.

Computer Science: Know VERY little C, thanks to a fit-for-nothing lecturer. Read the first six chapters of Kanetkar the night before the pracs, enough to clear 99.94% of any programs that may rear their heads. Unfortunately, I ended up getting THE toughest program of the prac…. Don’t know how I did it, but I managed a logically coherent code which almost worked, but for a bug in the loop. Not a good viva. But will pass. Such are the days that have befallen me.

Chemistry: Take 100ml of nightmare in a conical flask. Add 5-6 ml of disastric acid. Heat using pressure on a tension burner. Let it freeze from fright. Add “omfg! I’m gonna fail!!!” till solution turns colourless. Heat again. Add distilled hate till solution reaches limit of exasperation. Titrate with horror. This will result in a angry viva. Solution becomes Harish’s Chem. Prac.

“I’m going to f**king bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again, I’m going to f**king kill Chemistry!”

Electrical Sciences: By far, the easiest of them all! Simple expt. No problems. Clean job. Viva was a joke, he asked me what’s KVL, KCL and Max. Power Transfer theorem?? Can it BE any more easy??

Physics: Status quo returned. Not a tough experiment, but an un-friggin’-conected apparatus and only 20 mins. Screwed it. Sucky viva. Please, stop. This is embaressing.

Engg Mechanics: I know ALL experiments but one. Guess which i got? Did it right, at least that’s what I thought. %error: 18.5%(okay…), 18.7%(right…), 46.67%(wtf???) Checked, re-checked, re-re-checked… no difference. Viva was fine.

Pray for me.

stressnil 0.25mg

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Christmas Overload…

Christmas is a festival. It celebrates the Christian god, Santa Claus and his penchant to give gifts to people all over the world on this day. Though earlier believed that the gift-giving was restricted to Christian children who were good throughout the year, it has now been proven that everyone, including adults who have sinned all through the year are also beneficiaries. The chief mode of distribution of gifts is via his punjabi cousin, Santa Singh over various Delhi radio stations, all of which are perennially playing Crazy Kiya Re. For more information on Christmas and Santa (Claus and/or Singh)…
1. Political developments regarding Santa
2. Santa’s plans
3. New developments regarding Santa
4. Santa bought by Disney
5. Satan Claus
6. Black Santa… That’s right, bitches!
7. Merry Christmas!


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Sony pwnd by a Gas Station!

God bless Digg! the incredible flop that is the PS3 was demonstated by this pic. Unsure about authenticity, but still…

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Break On Through, baby!

Recently caught Oliver Stone’s bioflick ‘The Doors’ on the telly. Honestly speaking, after having to tolerate the disaster that was ‘Alexander’, a movie I hate for the simple reason being that it was terribly made cinematically, inaccurate in many areas and an insult to one of my role-models, I did not have high expectations of this portrayal of the incredible 4 years in the life of a certain Jim Morrison and his awesome band, The Doors. You can always check out the inimitable imdb’s take on this flick here. I believe that there was the same flaw in this flick as there was in Alexander; i.e. it’s an extremely lop-sided, overly-dramatic take on the life of one heck of an influential person. I mean, yes, Jim was a drunk who was almost 99% high all the time; yes, Jim epitomised the Rock+Drugs+Sex+Alcohol overload and “paid the price”. But there was no mention of a soft or sensitive side of Jim. No mention of his family or parents or how he was pre-LSD+Doors days. I think it would’ve been an incredible challenge for a director to show such a transition, and maybe Stone was not up to the task. But…. what really makes the movie watchable was the acting. For once, Meg Ryan got into the skin of the character such that you actually saw her as Pam Courson rather than “Meg Ryan playing Pam Courson”. Ray Manzarek’s character was pseudo-villianised, but I honestly don’t care ‘coz I’ve always been a fan of The Doors’ music and not the guys themselves. But if the cast made the movie watchable, Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Jim Morrison was a frickin’ incredible tour de force! He looked, sounded and played the part of the Lizard King to perfection. An award-worthy performance (I don’t know if he won any for it, but he deserved some). Watch it, I really feel it’s worth a look.

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Home Alone

If there’s ever been a hollywood flick that has mirrored my life more than “Saving Private Ryan”, Home Alone is the one. Stayed alone for three weeks in June-July and now have a 3-day vacation which coincides with THE weekend. Friday, Mom leaves for some training camp-thingie in Gurgaon, not to return till sunday. Friday alos happens to be the last day of the semester. Resisted the temptation of taking the car to college, but should’ve done it, as I only reached home at eight-pm! (the whole Delhi-Noida-Greater Noida journey, hell has a new dynamic destination) Watched one of my favorite flicks of all-time on Pix last night (The Good, The Bad and Harish Alagappa). Slept late, woke up near noon! Decided to take advantage of a Domino’s offer and ordered pizza for lunch! Yes, sir. Life can be good.

And yes, Sunil Mittal is the illegitimate whore-son of Eccentrica Gallumbits – The triple-breasted whore of Eroticon-5, Paris Hilton, Keven Federline, Britney Spears, all members of N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys and that skinny dog that loiters around outside Shahdara Metro Station. And my Engineering Drawing “teacher” is his half-brother.


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What’s that white thingie on the horizon?

I had a very odd saturday. The plan was simple… go to Pragati Maidan for the Education Expo. Nothing… correction, Nothing Useful there. Somehow from there I ended up with Abhimanyu at Nehru Place. He was checking out a cheap, but pretty good 160GB HDD; I was thankful that my new cell has radio! It was there that the title question popped up… What’s that white thingie on the horizon? The answer: The Baha’i Lotus Temple. I then wondered, why is that we who actually live in Delhi never visit the places we would’ve visited as tourists. I, for example, have yet to visit the Iron Pillar and the erection next to it. So Abhi and I decided to pop in and check out the Baha’i T. It was a really rewarding experience…. had it not been for families after families who invariably had a crying child and moms who thought that this is THE best spot to start feedinbg their kids puris. But the Stupidity Nobel goes to those guys who had a beautiful example of modern-traditional fusion architecture in front of tem, but were more interested in looking at the water sprinklers in the lawn!! Holy (Jebus!+Flying Spagetti Monster!+”Bob”!+…)!!! There are no words or excalamation marks in Elvish, Orkish or the Common Tongue that can describe the stupidity being portrayed there. But it was really worth it. Any guys living in Delhi who haven’t been there… it beats going to CP and/or Ansal Plaza every weekend!


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