A Unified Field Theory…

Let’s take my previous example of a Gravitational Higgs Field and apply it to all the fundamental forces.
The Universe consists of a Infinite Fundamental Higgs Field. This Higgs Field @carries@ within it all the forces of nature. When any particle interacts, it does so with the field ONLY! There are NO inter-particle interactions. Thus, the fundamental make up of WHAT force interacts with WHAT particle depends on some independent property of the particle. Like when I said, the GHF(Gravitational Higgs Field) GIVES a particle mass and then acts on that mass, it must be the same for electric charge, color etc. This single, Universal Field may be described in a mathematical form which is your Unified Field Theory!


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2 responses to “A Unified Field Theory…

  1. Hey Harish.. U know me. Harinni here.. Wonderful blog man ! keep up the good work..You sound too complicated for me..But itz something I really wanna learn.. so keep posting..I’ll keep reading..encore..!:)

  2. Thanks… Didn’t check this for a looooong time and the consequence is two comments missed!–>

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