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Science and Spirituality

I originally thought of titling this article as ‘Science vs Spirituality’ but decided not to after I remebered this quote from the Bhagvad Gita. Chapter 3 verse 8 “niyatam kuru karma tvam, karma jyayo hy akarmanah, sarira-yatrapi ca te , na prasiddhyed akarmanah” meaning, “Perform your prescribed duty, for action is better than inaction. A man cannot even maintain his physical body without work. ” The beauty of this line is in it’s meaning. While men of religion, all religions, universally unite in condemning science, here is a Hindu holy text encouraging us to do just that. If Einstein’s prescribed duty was to formulate a theory of Gravity that eliminated any flaws in the Newtonian model and create a near-perfect theory in the astronomical scale, he is now in heaven for he did exactly that. So is Galileo, despite the Inquistion demanding him to disavow his life’s work, had he been a Hindu, he would’ve been confident in the knowledge of the fact that his act of making monumental contributions to science is religiously correct as well. To study science is thus not in conflict of religion and ‘The will of God’ as some zealots may have us think. It is infact his will to study and explore and forever strech the boundaries of learning.


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A Unified Field Theory…

Let’s take my previous example of a Gravitational Higgs Field and apply it to all the fundamental forces.
The Universe consists of a Infinite Fundamental Higgs Field. This Higgs Field @carries@ within it all the forces of nature. When any particle interacts, it does so with the field ONLY! There are NO inter-particle interactions. Thus, the fundamental make up of WHAT force interacts with WHAT particle depends on some independent property of the particle. Like when I said, the GHF(Gravitational Higgs Field) GIVES a particle mass and then acts on that mass, it must be the same for electric charge, color etc. This single, Universal Field may be described in a mathematical form which is your Unified Field Theory!


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